Oregon Zoo

These are my favorite photos from my visit to the Oregon Zoo in Portland at the end of January. Of course, they are all cats. (shocking, I know) But regardless, it was nice to get to see so many beautiful and powerful cats in one place in one day. It was bitterly cold–for me–but most of the cats seemed pretty much comfortable with it. Though, the lions were all huddled pretty close. Still, hope you enjoy the photos I took (plus one art drawing of a bobcat)!

Mini Tree Saga

My aunt sent us the mini tree for “Christmas spirit”. Which is hilarious. And great for Thorin. Now he has a mini tree to nom on. Which of course he promptly tried to do. Here’s some photos as we set up the mini tree for photos, before we put it up on the shelf and out of his little fluffy reach.

And bonus last photo where I caught him biting an ornament off the tree!