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The Hardest Days

Are when I have to say goodbye to my baby cat. It was a horrifically hard day.

My Rose passed away today. It’s been a rough week, because we set up the appointment on Monday, after her kidneys started failing on Sunday night. But she’s comfortable and now there is no worry that she might be in pain or uncomfortable. My one consolation is that she had a wonderful life, spoiled beyond all belief by my mom and I. Read more

5 Magical Herbs in Slavic Myth


This is an interesting overview of a few herbs the author wants to focus on. I think a few are missing, but it’s at least an interesting perspective.

Patron Saint of Cats

Once again it’s that favorite time of year (wherein I ignore the super-obvious holiday, the one everyone will be celebrating [including my entire family], that I’ve previously ranted about, and focus on a day I like far better). It’s the Feast Day of St. Gertrude of Nivelles! Patron saint of cats, and therefore of supreme importance to me as a cat-lover. Read more

2017 Reading Challenge

Reading Challenge

Ides of March & Shakespeare

Legitimately I only ever learned about this quote due to Shakespeare. First of my favorite authors and the one that perhaps absolutely got me perhaps more hooked on reading than before. To be honest though, I don’t think getting me more interested in reading really took much. But Shakespeare was one of my earliest, favorite authors that I discovered:

Beware the Ides of March.

A Sooth-sayer bids you beware the Ides of March – Act I, Scene II

This play was a big topic in freshman year of high school. Julius Caesar is one of my favorite plays of his–and I read it for the first time probably in 6th grade or thereabouts. But I remember coming across the famous quote several years earlier in an online search for info on Shakespeare and his quotes. At the time I was hoarding quotes I liked, and this one–well, it was historically important; so of course it was in my list of saved quotes. Without the play I would have, for sure, learned about the quote; it was natural as a history lover, student, and also my burgeoning interest in paganism. Shakespeare just got me there far faster. I’ve admittedly far more interest in this play than many others. Even though I’ve only read it one time for literature analysis in school. Read more

Loreley – Lorelei



Sleeping Beauty

Therein being my absolute favorite fairy tale of all time–as well as favorite Disney movie that I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen them all up until 2005, a few of the newer ones are still on my to-watch list). I absolutely adored Prince Philip when I first saw the movie when I was a kid; which is after all kind of the point. But he was by far my favorite Disney-prince, far better than Prince Charming from Cinderella or The Prince from Snow White.

Obviously, back when I saw this for the first time at like…eh, 5 years old? maybe younger…I don’t really remember anymore the first time I saw this movie. I didn’t realize the really awful fairy tale backstory that lay behind Sleeping Beauty, or just what disneyfied really meant, or why they did that. For little child me, this was exactly how the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale went. Which is rather hilarious the longer I’ve done research and the more I’ve read about the earlier versions of this fairy tale. Because there is a lot of stuff that disappears from the Disney version, for some rather very good reasons. Read more

Best Intentions

Currently in my drafts I have a list of 50+ blog topics to write about. They’re all there, just sitting and waiting for me to start writing up some nice little posts. But of course, I don’t actually use most of them; I just fumble along writing whatever else comes to mind. That’s a bit of a shame, because they’re all pretty good ideas (so says me), but I just haven’t had the inspiration to write up any of them. I should probably just start a few draft posts, just to get the ball rolling again. But I don’t think that I want to write things when I don’t have inspiration.

Like my last post – I was trying to find a different photo to show to a friend, came across my Herbarium-Snake photo, and then decided to blog about it. Which is great! Sometimes I just need to write those “random” posts like that. But I should also be working on my long list of “ideas” that I should be putting pen to paper, so to speak. It’s just not super easy for me, because I hate writing things without at least some inspiration.

I think I’m going to, since I seem to be feeling a bit of inspiration, start a few ideas up, so I can work on them later when I have more time.

Herbarium & Snakes

Back in late autumn/October 2011, when I was living in Freiburg, me and three other classmates went on a trip to Basel, Switzerland for a weekend getaway. For us this was supposed to be hostel-staying, playing games & drinking with other college kids/teens from across Europe who were staying there, walking along the river in Basel, and just general good fun in visiting the expensive neighbor-country. So…normal college kid stuff, of course.

As usual for tourists & Americans abroad, we were all taking twenty-billion photos of everything around us and just trying to take it all in. Though to be fair, Europeans do far more “tourist photo taking” than Americans really do. Europe is so gorgeous that everyone takes photos everywhere. And somewhere along the line of our wandering the city and looking at different old buildings, we managed to end up along some little Gasse (small side street, really). So we’re walking along, going up and down the hills in the city, and we come across that sign. Read more

Mentally Ill Online Pagan

Being a mentally ill “pagan” is all sorts of fun. (high levels of sarcasm here) Mostly because of all the people out there the broader community who all seem obsessed with how everything has to be “naturally” done, or go back to nature, etc. etc. ad nauseum, blah blah blah. And it’s not like this is anything new to experience or see going on; it’s not. Really, it’s rather old-hat around the pagan community, if you just take a few seconds to google or look up past conversations. And I’ve been dealing with the fall out of this ever since I was a baby pagan back at like 12 years old on Gaia Online (my very first experience with online pagans!).

Read more