Hi! My name is Emily, or as more common here online: the Slavic Polytheist. This is my nice little corner of the internet, where I blog & talk about spirituality, religion, and the struggles as well as interests that relate to that overarching theme.

Just some background on me, as a person:

I was born & raised here in the PNW (Pacific Northwest)–really Washington state. I’ve lived most of my life here, outside a good year in Freiburg im Breisgau. That’s really my second home, to be honest. I loved Germany, and would go back there in a heartbeat, given the chance.

I love history, languages, & reading. I studied history & German at the university, and of course that means a ton of reading. I enjoy getting new resources to learn new things. My current research is into the history of Wales & the Czech Republic/Bohemia–partially due to family history, but also just for interest. I’m trying to pick up the resources to begin learning a second language as well (I haven’t yet decided on either Czech or Welsh–though Czech would arguably be more useful in practical terms).

I’m a huge bibliophile. My book collection is, at this point, a bit out of hand, to be honest. It’s impossible for me to count how many I have anymore. It’s well over 800 between physical copies and my Kindle for digital versions. In particular, I’ve got a small collection of antique books in English and in German that are particularly favorites of mine.

About the blog itself:

I’m a Slavic polytheist. That’s a very particular label choice, which I’ve come to after years of consideration, research and work with my deities. So you won’t see me calling myself a Rodnover here; though I will talk about that on occasion.

I work with Slavic gods, spirits, and creatures from folklore–primarily. I work most often with Veles among the pantheon, but I also work with Perun and the others as well. Outside the Slavic pantheon, I do occasional work with Catholic Saints, though this is rare and a very small part of my practice–primarily devoted to honoring the beliefs of my ancestors & their practices. Beyond these, I am beginning research into Welsh mythology, since I’ve been interested in this for several years now.

I’m fully fluent in German & I’ve been speaking it for 12 years now. I occasionally post in German about different topics and ideas, because it gives me a new look at spirituality & a new way to connect with and interact with the subject matter. All these posts written in German are tagged underneath the category “Auf Deutsch” if you’re interested in checking them out.

Short Points on Me

That’s it for the moment. If you have any questions or want to chat, drop me a line here. Or comment on a post. I love chatting & discussing ideas and points of view. So feel free to say something, I love getting new opinions on my work.