Old “Friends” Now Blogging

In the past, I’ve had run ins with other Slavic pagans or Rodnovers. Most of it on Facebook or Tumblr. That’s pretty much par for the course. And I’ve done some extensive chronicling on it, so there’s lots related to read up on. I won’t rehash it all. Besides, that would make boring reading, when I’ve got a new topic to cover.

But! One of my few friends in real life (i.e. offline) who knows that I’m a Slavic polytheist is also aware of one particular “Rodnover” that I’ve had some run-ins with on Facebook before. So, when he–my friend–saw something interesting, he shot me a message as a heads up.

I have no intention of naming the subject of this “interesting” message. Free publicity is not something I’m offering up. Besides, anyone even tangentially familiar with the online Slavic pagan community should recognize who it is, most likely. But I’m not giving them any free clicks or points towards their pages. That’s just not something I’m going to do.

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Oh My Gods!

Oh My Gods!

I recently just rediscovered my favorite webcomic: Oh My Gods! by Shivian. I posted the link below to check out the whole strip, and also as source for the image, because it’s the absolute best! (Okay, to be fair, this is my favorite comic regardless of web or print)

I had really kind of totally forgotten how much I loved this comic through middle & high school. This is one of the first things I found when I started off being a baby pagan/witch/”Wiccan”.

It was always a great little reminder to never take myself too seriously, to always have room for a bit of humor; and to definitely see the crazy in the community. This is also the reason I was always looking for research opportunities & new books to read.

So, silly as it is, this is one of my favorite little reminders of how I started out. It’s just a great rediscovery that has been giving me endless entertainment over the last week as I re-read it from start to finish. (seriously though – my mom has been wondering what’s been cracking me up all this time)

So, that’s just my friendly share of the day! I just wanted to share the joy, in case someone else has not gotten the chance to read this before.

Link to info and credit on the comic strip: Oh My Gods!

Hell & Easter

Funny story – I just got damned to Hell, on Easter! Which really is just so highly amusing that I’m still giggling about it, hours later. It’s just so…absurd? That’s certainly I word I can use for it. It’s so rich really that I’m still a bit in shock. Really…it’s Easter, and yet this whole thing went down.

I had posted a question in response to another post in one of my pagan Facebook groups. During the week I’m not super active, and so I take some time on weekends to catch up. So I saw that I had been tagged in a response, opened it up, and wrote a thank you response; attached to that I asked a second question. Now, it is Easter Sunday, and I know lots of people get together with their family for a family gathering, or family dinner (regardless whether they celebrate Easter or not)–so I was just going to hang out on Facebook and chat with some of my friends and wait for a response. Imagine my surprise then when suddenly about 10 minutes later I get a response. Totally was not expecting that, but I’ll take it.

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Artwork Commission

If you are ever interested in getting artwork done of a spirit, deity, entity or the like — I highly suggest you check out Felix Warren (here is his Etsy: ForScryingOutLoud where I purchased).

The new side image “Domovoi” is work by him. It’s gorgeous and absolutely brilliant. Not to mention, it really does capture a nice spirit and show such beautiful details. On top of that though, he was extremely friendly and kind in talking to him during the process. It’s great to have friendly conversation, and he was absolutely the height of professional.

I linked the photo also to his shop–so please do check it out. I’m beyond enthused and pleased with the work he did, and will absolutely recommend him for others who are interested in commissioning artwork.

Mentally Ill Online Pagan

Being a mentally ill “pagan” is all sorts of fun. (high levels of sarcasm here) Mostly because of all the people out there the broader community who all seem obsessed with how everything has to be “naturally” done, or go back to nature, etc. etc. ad nauseum, blah blah blah. And it’s not like this is anything new to experience or see going on; it’s not. Really, it’s rather old-hat around the pagan community, if you just take a few seconds to google or look up past conversations. And I’ve been dealing with the fall out of this ever since I was a baby pagan back at like 12 years old on Gaia Online (my very first experience with online pagans!).

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The Lie of the “Burning Times”

The Lie of the “Burning Times”

Okay. So since we’re nearing Halloween (or more favorably called Samhain by the legions of neo-pagans)–all the comments about the Burning Times and witch persecution throughout history are rampant and cropping up ever more all over the internet. Which of course, leads to all the cries about persecution and how awful Christians are for having mass-executed witches throughout history.

Basically — Halloween makes this stuff pour out of the woodwork, almost like some freaking sugar for flies. So the closer we get to Halloween, the more this crops up, and the ever more annoyed I am with the whole community and everyone who keeps spouting this kind of stuff. Because there are some major issues about the whole phrase “Burning Times” and the way that the majority of the pagan community tends to handle this.

Which is pretty much an ongoing struggle, and I’m really about ready to go off on a rant here about the whole subject and what a load of crock the very phrase is.

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Etsy “Witch Hunt”

Etsy “Witch Hunt”

So I never got around, the first time everyone started flipping out about Etsy, to posting about it. After all, I don’t purchase on Etsy, and I don’t sell there. But this article (see here) kind of has me wanting to post.

See, this author is comparing Etsy’s TOS as a “witch hunt” a la Salem, Massachusetts. This is problematic for multiple reasons.

Starting first off – the fact is that Etsy just changed their terms to state that services are not permitted (i.e. prayers, spells), because you cannot guarantee a spell’s success. Objects (such as rosaries, pendants, pendulums, etc) are allowed. Those are a solid item that one can guarantee the quality of. The uproar about “banning esoteric items” is all a load of hoopla.

And this whole witch hunt hysteria is a load of crap. Etsy has an obligation to ensure, from a business standpoint, that the items sold on their site are able to be guaranteed. If they allow people to sell prayers or spells, then they are putting themselves into a position of having to account for customers who are not happy with the failure or lack of results from services. Physical items can be guaranteed and accounted for – either they look and function like what is advertised, or they do not. That is easy to account for. Continue reading “Etsy “Witch Hunt””

SCOTUS and Marriage Equality

I cannot say that I am anything other than pleased. This makes my heart swell, to know that some of my family now has the right to marry…and have their marriage recognized nation-wide. It brings tears to my eyes, I’m overwhelmed and joyful.

There is not a lot more I could say that hasn’t already been said. For me, today is a brilliantly bright day. I’m glad that it happened now, and not later.

Check it out here.

TIME Decision




Outright Fallacious Statements

Now, I try really hard not to get involved in bullshit arguments on Facebook. They never end well, and people are stupid.

But, when it comes to the fields I spend years studying (both in high school independent studies with teachers, as well as my college degrees) – I admit I get testy and will fire back. After all, I did not spend all those years building up an understanding of the subject, to fully understand what was going on…just to have idiots butcher history because y’ah know, it “sounds cool”.

Which is how this particular debate on Facebook started up. Now, I’m not going to explain this idiot’s name on Facebook. I’m not that cruel. And…that is just not how I really go about these things. Continue reading “Outright Fallacious Statements”