These are a listing of blogs or websites I enjoy: all on general or more-or-less specific topics. I’ve put them here for ease of access, and so not to clutter up my “blog roll” on the side of my blog (I like clean, less clutter–and I have begun accumulating too many interesting blogs to keep the roll simple and not “pages” long). The blog roll on the side is now fully focused on Slavic blogs, websites, and resources. Any other blogs I am interested in, follow, or generally enjoy and want to share I am keeping here. There are just little blurbs for why I follow them, but really, best option is to go and check them out yourselves!


Specific Blogs

Felix Culpa, O Fortunate Fall – this is the very first blog I followed. It’s a great look at Luciferianism.

Jack of Many Trades – Jack writes on a lot of topics; but his firebird writings are my favorites.

Journey Through the Obsidian Dream – there are a lot of great articles here to peruse.

Knot Magick – I found Vicky for crochet-work, but everything else is great info, too.

Living Liminally – Morgan Daimler’s blog on her work.

Mnomquah – primarily tarot and shadow work, minor incursions into Slavic paths

Mundane Mystic – Morag Spinner has great articles on a variety of topics.

PUTA – this is good for a laugh, if you want to read about the more crazy stuff that happens online.

Sarah Anne Lawless – I like reading her work, it leaves me thinking.



Kemetismus – a very interesting site with information on Kemetism.

Krähen-Nest – beautiful blog with lots of photography, and variety of topics.

Nebel ALL raunen –  great blog on a variety of magic and the occult.


Informative Sites

Encyclopedia Mythica – encyclopedia to quickly look up mythological items

Myths Retold – these are great, amusing re-tells of mythology

Patheos Pagan – site with lots of perspectives from various authors – dedicated to proclaimed polytheists & their perspectives

Runes, Alphabet of Mystery – basic introduction to runes

Runesoup – large page + blog on magic.

Sacred Texts – online compendium of many texts from different beliefs

The Wild Hunt – news related to the occult, paganism, witchcraft

Witches & Pagans – has many different blogs and perspectives linked in