Sites of Interest

These are a listing of blogs or websites I enjoy: all on general or more-or-less specific topics. I’ve put them here for ease of access, and so not to clutter up my sidebar (I like clean, less clutter–and I have begun accumulating too many interesting blogs to keep the roll simple and not “pages” long). There are just little blurbs for why I follow them, but really, best option is to go and check them out yourselves!


Slavic Resource Links

Folklorica – Journal of Slavic and East European Folklore Association

Lamus Dworski – Resource on Polish culture, folklore & belief

Modern Rodnovery – Website & blog on Slavic paganism

Studia Mythologica Slavica – Resource for mythological & cultural texts

Vindové – Writings & blog in Czech


Specific Blogs

Jack of Many Trades – Jack writes on a lot of topics; but his firebird writings are my favorites

Journey Through the Obsidian Dream – there are a lot of great articles here to peruse

Knot Magick – I found Vicky for crochet-work, but everything else is great info, too

Living Liminally – Morgan Daimler’s blog on her work

Mnomquah – primarily tarot and shadow work, minor incursions into Slavic paths

Mundane Mystic – Morag Spinner has great articles on a variety of topics

PUTA – this is good for a laugh, if you want to read about the more crazy stuff that happens online

Sarah Anne Lawless – I like reading her work, it leaves me thinking



Kemetismus – a very interesting site with information on Kemetism

Krähen-Nest – beautiful blog with lots of photography, and variety of topics

Nebel ALL raunen –  great blog on a variety of magic and the occult


Informative Sites

Encyclopedia Mythica – encyclopedia to quickly look up mythological items

Myths Retold – these are great, amusing re-tells of mythology

Patheos Pagan – site with lots of perspectives from various authors – dedicated to proclaimed polytheists & their perspectives

Runes, Alphabet of Mystery – basic introduction to runes

Runesoup – large page + blog on magic

Sacred Texts – online compendium of many texts from different beliefs

The Wild Hunt – news related to the occult, paganism, witchcraft

Witches & Pagans – has many different blogs and perspectives linked in


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