This is my calendar. It’s personalized by me for those spirits and entities I feel connection with, or feel that I should honor. I’m not going to put all of the days that are considered celebrated, noted or honored by Slavic pagans, polytheists or Rodnovers. There are quite a few more holidays than I’ve listed–a lot being days for gods that I either don’t honor, or that I have come to conclusion are modern creations that I do not recognize. These here on the calendar are dates with particular interest or significance for me personally. I’ll probably eventually get around to writing specific posts about each date/deity, once I’ve got more time on my hands, and interspersed with my regular postings. But for now, this is a nice little calendar to help keep track of things.


  • 8 January – Baba Jaga


  • 13 February – Veles


  • 21 March – Morana


  • 30 April – Walpurgis Night


  • 1 May – Jarilo


  • Early June – Rusalka Week
  • 22 June – Svetovid (Svantovit)


  • 7 July – Hors-Dazhbog
  • Early July – Kupala (Summer Solstice)


  • 5 August – Perun
  • 15 August – Devana


  • 21-22 September – Svarog


  • Last Friday – Mokosh


  • 1 November – Zaduszki (“All Souls” Day)


  • 15 December – Veles
  • 20-21 December – Bozhich (Winter Solstice)

Non-Slavic calendar dates of some importance to me.

  • 1 January – New Years
  • 17 March – St. Gertrude of Nivelles Feast Day
  • 22 July – Rose’s birthday
  • 8 September – Star Trek Day (mostly in fun)
  • 21 September – The Hobbit Day (mostly in fun)
  • 28 September – St. Wenceslaus (Václav) Feast Day
  • 31 October – Halloween
  • 25 December – Christmas

I’m going to further update this list as I either add or delete dates of importance. So consider this a kind of running calendar for me.


3 thoughts on “Calendar

  1. Jeepers Creepers, I really like your blog. I promise this is the last comment I’ll leave today; it’s starting to get excessive. I really love seeing your calendar (and the calendars that other rodnovers use). I’d be curious to know what sources you used to put it together.


    1. Oh don’t worry, comments are always good.

      I admittedly use a lot of Wikipedia, academic articles from a bunch of sources, and some UPG discussions off a few online boards I’m a part of.


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