New Hobby Idea

New Hobby Idea

There are people out there who are great at growing things. People who have a real green thumb as it were. I’m definitely not one of those people. I’ve managed to kill bamboo plants. So…like, if there is an opposite of green thumb, that’s me.

But! I’m still determined to eventually figure out how to grow at least one plant. I mean, there has to be some plant out there that I can successfully grow. So, I’ve been considering what could be the easiest and least difficult plant to start over again with.

I’m not going to ever be a green witch or hedge witch. I’m realistic enough to know that. But, at least having some green things growing around the house would be nice. And there’s lots of plants that are poisonous to cats–so I have to be careful about those. Which meant, I did some research. Continue reading “New Hobby Idea”


Cunningham’s Magical Herbs

Remember how ages ago I posted about my first impression of Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs (here’s a link!)? Well, I finally got around to writing about my final impressions of it. No, it didn’t actually take me 2 years to read it. I just got, well distracted, and never got around to writing my impressions of it.

So, here we go!

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Larkspur – Delphinium

Larkspur – Delphinium

Delphinium, or more commonly larkspur, is a pretty flower that I really like; not least because it’s the “July birth flower” and it’s my birth month–so there’s that connection. Admittedly I’m fairly biased towards things related to July…always really have been. But that’s just a rather minor reason why I’m fond of this particular flower. I’ve got a bit of a thing for strange and unusual flowers. Not that they’re rare on their very own, nothing like that–but I’m strange among my friends. Most of them like lilies and roses, which are fine, but not my favorites. I’m not above pretty, very popular flowers, but I have my own personal favorites. Delphinium is far prettier to my opinion. Continue reading “Larkspur – Delphinium”

Cunningham and Magical Herbalism

Cunningham CoverSo I picked up a copy of Scott Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbalism (link here). I picked it up because I’m interested in herbalism. It’s one of those subjects I want to research, even if the likelihood of actually using it is fairly slim. I just don’t have the room available to me to personally get to use it–at least not right now. But maybe some day down the line I might have some more room to at least have a small little storage of herbs I could use. That would be a nice little dream, to have room to have a small corner of a room at least set aside for my practice and beliefs. Right now though I am just researching for personal interest and no pressing belief that I’m going to practice soon. In any case – Cunningham is, by all accounts, a good starting point for this subject.

So I’m starting reading it.

Then I hit this, “Magical Principles”: Continue reading “Cunningham and Magical Herbalism”

Crystals and Ethics

I love shinies. I’m really one of those people that will collect things because they’re pretty and sparkle.

However, my love for crystals is hindered by a very valid concern.

The labor conditions of miners in many places and how the strip mining destroys the earth. I’m generally worried about both. So I’m always wary about buying crystals, no matter how much I like them. Actually, every one of the few crystals I have was given to me…I haven’t bought any of them. I’m just too skittish about supporting something that is terrible to the workers, not getting paid enough, and the way it is done that can cause harm to both worker and earth.

So does anyone know about companies that are ethically procuring crystals and gems? Or does such a thing even exist?



I own this ring. Sorry for the slightly fuzzy quality of the image itself. For some odd reason I can never get a good-quality picture of this ring. If I ever do get one, I will add it to this post.

It belonged to my grandma before she passed away, and is one of the only things of hers I inherited. I wear it constantly. I don’t know if the stone is a genuine or a man-made gemstone. I don’t much care either way. Because my grandma owned it before me, that’s the most important thing. Continue reading “Emerald”



I love photography. I’m not very good at it, I can admit, but I do enjoy it. I had some fun in taking photos while I was in Germany, and I got a few that I’m really quite proud of. I’ve gone and edited them a bit before I want to post them though. If they’re slightly edited, I feel better about posting them online, where others might try to steal the images.

I admit that I’m a bit happy for photos of plants and flowers. They’re my favorite. I think because they don’t tend to move (well, neither do buildings…but that’s another matter). Flowers are also, for all that I’m not typically a girly-girl, very pretty. Continue reading “Photography”


In the list of things that I would like to learn one day:

Herbology is high on the list. (Is it officially called that, or is it herbalism?)

And not in the Harry Potter sense of the study. I would really like to learn it. I may have a really bad hand at growing things…but I would like to learn how to grow plants and herbs. And with the fact that I like green, growing things, it would be a fun thing to eventually learn. Of course, I have no illusions as to my time availability or commitment time at this point in my life. I cannot devote the time to learn it at this point.

Still, at some point in my life, I would like to learn it. It’s one of those things that perhaps, one day down the line I could learn. It may not happen, but it’s just one of those things that sticks in my head upon occasion that I would eventually like to learn.



Possibly my favorite metal.

All of my jewelry is made of silver. I have always enjoyed the shine of it, the way it glimmers and shines. I like how it makes most gems look. I think it makes me look better, rather than gold, which I think makes me look strange.

Silver has a pretty interesting history too. (Yes, the history major in me knows a lot of random facts about the history of silver. No, I shall not bore you all with facts of random-ness) Continue reading “Silver”



I bought a nice little plant for my desk.

Mine looks a little like this one, but in a different pot. Bamboo is pretty easy to care for. Since I seem to have atrocious luck in caring for plants, I think that bamboo is a good first step in learning to care for growing things. Eventually I want to have an amaryllis plant, but that will take some time, with my luck. In the meantime, if I can keep the bamboo alive, I’ll count that as a win. Plus, it looks really nice on my desktop, sitting there and growing nicely. It’s a good little touch of green, growing things in my room, which is actually really comforting and soothing to me. It helps calm my mind and the thoughts in my head sometimes, which I didn’t expect.

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