Slavic Devotion (Part III)

How does one begin to build up a devotional practice with limited sources & options? That’s the million dollar question, really.

I’m not going to say I’m any kind of expert, because that would be a lie. But, I guess from a certain perspective I’ve got some real insight into it (which is weird, but kind of flattering for me). So we’ll dive into what I’ve been doing.

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Herbarium & Snakes

Herbarium & Snakes

Back in late autumn/October 2011, when I was living in Freiburg, me and three other classmates went on a trip to Basel, Switzerland for a weekend getaway. For us this was supposed to be hostel-staying, playing games & drinking with other college kids/teens from across Europe who were staying there, walking along the river in Basel, and just general good fun in visiting the expensive neighbor-country. So…normal college kid stuff, of course.

As usual for tourists & Americans abroad, we were all taking twenty-billion photos of everything around us and just trying to take it all in. Though to be fair, Europeans do far more “tourist photo taking” than Americans really do. Europe is so gorgeous that everyone takes photos everywhere. And somewhere along the line of our wandering the city and looking at different old buildings, we managed to end up along some little Gasse (small side street, really). So we’re walking along, going up and down the hills in the city, and we come across that sign. Continue reading “Herbarium & Snakes”

On UPG and Me…

I’ve got a bit of a strange relationship with UPG (unverified personal gnosis). It’s a bit difficult, or so it seems, to come up with UPG when I’m not really able to interact like all the normal methods of figuring out UPG – i.e. god or spirit interaction. Normally I see all sorts of posts about UPG, and most of them are centered on interactions with deity. Or with spirits.

Egal so.

In any case, I’m not really able to do that.

So for me, UPG is something that I just perceive…from research. Or from gut feelings. Mostly research if I’m completely honest. Neither of which are normal. And neither one of which I’m sure are normal ways. Because I never get any sort of notification on whether I’m even right to think what I do. But, then I suppose that’s the way most people feel with their UPG. Continue reading “On UPG and Me…”

Butterflies and the Soul

Butterflies and the Soul

Butterflies fall under the broad category for me of “bugs”, or those creatures that are icky and bug-ish that I dislike. Now, they aren’t as bad as spiders (I’m severely arachnophobia, as in, I have a full-blown panic attack if anyone even mentions the damned things around me, or even jokes about them being in a room), but I don’t like bugs or insects at all. Insects bother me. Flying ones, crawling ones, walking ones, squirming ones…they all bother me. I don’t even like butterflies. Even though people say I should, since they’re, and I quote “pretty”.

But, even if they are “pretty” bugs/insects/whatever the technical term is, I don’t like them. I never have. Butterflies remind me of moths, and moths remind me of mothballs, and mothballs remind me of dust, and dust collects in webs, and webs are spider webs. And word-associations of any kind with insects lead me inevitably to spiders. Ugh.

Sorry, that got me off-track. Now back on topic again. 🙂

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I think someone is messing with me. Not a person, and not messing with me in the sense of “oh, let’s cause trouble and problems” kind of way either. I’m more leaning towards some deity is trying to get my attention and I’ve just been too dense to see it. Because this is genuinely weird. And me being dense is no surprise, so it doesn’t surprise me if this is how they’ve decided to get my attention.

Stuff will disappear and reappear, moved around. Not just in the way of “oh, I just misplaced that.” More in the way of, I was looking for my pen, checked everywhere, even in my drawer, and then, not 5 minutes later, it shows up in my drawer when I gave up looking for it and went to just use the stupid pencil instead (I hate pencils for the record). In the exact spot it should have been to begin with, but wasn’t. And then, just papers out of order. Not major, just, 1 or 2 out of place, which I know isn’t me. I’m pretty fastidious about making sure my papers are all in order. And I know they’re in order when I leave class, but when I go to review them, nope, 1 or 2 are moved into the wrong section. Continue reading “Specificity”