A New Trek: Discovery

A New Trek: Discovery

I’ve been looking forward to this for…almost a year? Since they first announced that Star Trek was returning to television. And then there were all the setbacks: producers leaving, production delays, casting delays…all sorts of troubles plagued bringing this show. It is honestly quite the miracle that it even came about, given all the problems.

Which, admittedly, seems rather fitting–all things considered. The original Star Trek had its production problems, too. Back in the 60s it was not altogether common for studios to give a show a second pilot after the first failed. The Cage was a massive failure for a pilot, especially back then. Theoretically, Star Trek should have been dead on arrival. Shockingly, Paramount gave Roddenberry a second chance (admitting that they had picked a bad pilot to begin with).

Star Trek is Born

Thus was the megalith born.

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Vampires in Pop-Culture

Vampires in Pop-Culture

Vampires are my favorite folklore creature/entity. I’ve mentioned this before, I think. But regardless! I have always loved vampire myth, folklore, and fiction. — I mean real vampires. The ones that are somewhat terrifying, that have folklore behind them. The ones that stick to what a vampire is: a terrifying creature of the night, sometimes (especially in Victorian times) seductive–but never stupid or a joke.

So, when I heard about the Castlevania series on Netflix, I was extremely excited.

Yes, now is where I admit that I’m no gamer; and I had no clue that Konami had made…like 20? games about this. I learned that last week, after watching the series. Sorry!

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