This reminds me of childhood.

I don’t know how many people remember the game Treasure Mountain! — but that’s where I first heard this. (Gods, I can’t believe that it’s been probably 20 years since I played this game) It was the soundtrack behind solving all sorts of puzzles and trying to beat the game by collecting all the gold coins; so basically my memory of childhood “video games” is kind of this type of thing.

It’s kind of super nostalgic and also really annoying how easily this piece gets stuck in my head. Nostalgia though, because it reminds me of weekends spent with my cousins and all of us working together to beat the levels and win. Of course, that’s the kind of thing expected when you’re all…6 and 4 years old? Or maybe I was 7 and sister + cousin were 5. In any case, super young.

Have some fun listening to this addictive bit of my personal nostalgia.