Modern Gods: Caffeine

Modern Gods: Caffeine

If there was ever a “modern” god that I would worship: it would be caffeine. There’s a whole host of reasons, but really–I think in some respects lots of people already do in a way worship caffeine. Not consciously, I would never say that, but in an unconscious kind of way.

I seriously love caffeine, and that’s no exaggeration on my feelings. It’s a wonderful thing that wakes me up, keeps me functioning, and has great medical use for me. Having caffeine keeps my migraines from hitting nearly as badly; and it also can help keep me from getting them. If I don’t have some caffeine in the morning, I get (at the very least) nasty headaches–at worst a full-blown migraine. So caffeine does have a sort of medical use for me.

That’s just the…more “mundane” sort of thing for myself though. Other people are different, and I admit there’s probably other points behind why I’m fond of caffeine. But that’s just the part of it, I mean…for all that it’s my own medical interest that compels me to drink caffeinated beverages (all hail tea); even I can admit that I recognize the ritualistic aspects of it.

Modern God

A modern god for the modern world

Let’s be honest, the most blatant thing most people consider a god:

something and/or someone (deity, entity, spirit) that is being worshiped.

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On Being Sick

On Being Sick

So I’m fully stressed and fully ill. It’s been a rough month for me–wherein I’ve been exceptionally ill for quite some time. Culminating in today, where I’ve been physically ill and throwing up. Which is never fun (not that I think anyone ever thinks that’s fun). Suffice that this month has not been amusing nor pleasant for me.

I don’t do well sick, I’m admittedly a bit of a baby about it. I do well and buck up when needed, but some times its just too much and I have to disconnect. So then days like today, where I was just flat plain too sick to go to work without danger of throwing up at my computer…so I called in. I’m sure I’ll get in trouble for it later, but whatever. Health is more important, after all. And I need to take care of myself. Continue reading “On Being Sick”

Divination: Tasseography

This is a neat method I should try.

Merry Meet Temple

Tasseography has the more common name of tea leaf reading.  There are many books out there that explain the process and the symbols.  I’m not so sure they are necessary, though.

The process is easy.  Take loose leaf tea and put in the bottom of a tea cup, not a mug.  It must be a tea cup, like the one in this photo.


Heat water to a boil and pour over the tea leaves.  Allow it to steep for five minutes.  The querent, person with the question for whom the reading is being done, should drink the tea while thinking about or talking about the matter in question.  Once down to the dregs, the person should turn the cup upside down onto the saucer.  Then turn three times.  Deosil to bring or to draw to.  Widdershins to cast off or away.  Deosil if in doubt.  Let sit for at least…

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Wintertime and Sickness

So a huge part of why I wasn’t posting during November and December (outside of the school that I explained), was that I was pretty sick the last 2 months. Not in a severely sick, needing to go to the hospital manner. More in the manner of, stressed out, so my immune system was compromised and so I caught every cold-bug that came around and just couldn’t get better, no matter what usual tricks I tried to heal myself. So I spent a good two months going through bouts of colds that would go away to be promptly replaced by the next one sweeping through my college. I’ve never actually gotten sick quite like that before, so I wasn’t quite prepared to deal with anything like that. But, I’ve also never “lived with” people before either, so I suspect that was a huge part of why I couldn’t handle all the stuff going around. I’m not used to living around people outside my close family, so I think I don’t have much in the way of being used to handling other people’s really bad immune systems. And going through a massive degree-class and final paper/project that added on a ton of stress no doubt just made the situation worse for me. Continue reading “Wintertime and Sickness”

Insomnia, Tea and Centering Oneself

Or, more coherently spoken: 2 things that every woman in my family has in common and 1 new idea.

Insomnia runs in my family pretty strongly. I think that nearly every adult has bouts. Though I happen to have it worse than almost any other. My mom gets bouts just as badly as I do, but not, I think, nearly as frequently as she used to. I suffer pretty badly from it, no doubt not helped along by being a college kid trying to finish 2 term papers while packing to head home too. But that’s just an excuse. My insomnia flares up even when I don’t have a lot of stuff to do. I just have the unfortunate luck of being an insomniac by nature. And I’ve always been more the night owl. I can get up early and go to 8am classes and function and not be a grump, but I really prefer being up at nighttime. I get most of my work done then, I’m far more comfortable, and just generally far more me later in the day. So insomnia is really not helpful when paired with my natural night owl tendencies.

Which leads to present problem. I’ve had in 5 days 2 different times being up for 36+ hours straight. Not tired at all, not really wanting to sleep, etc. And that’s a problem of course, because I can’t really say it is healthy to stay awake for that long and then sleep again. It’s not healthy in the slightest. So today, or rather yesterday the 17th, I crashed at 5pm and slept until 2am this morning (the 18th), after being awake for 36 hours. Not good. Sleeping in the afternoon/evening just messes with me even more than normal, even though I clearly needed the sleep if I crashed like that. Continue reading “Insomnia, Tea and Centering Oneself”