Tacoma Dome Roof

Tacoma Dome Roof

Regional Ideas

I was just thinking about how where I grew up and have lived for most of my life is a huge impact and influence on how I see things…and how I go about practice.

See, I’m very lucky to grow up in Washington state. I love it here. There’s so many different things, different environments. We’ve got forests, desert, farmland, coast, sweeping mountains, rivers, lakes, sounds and oceans, rainforest…everything you can think of. And it’s all within a maximal 5 hour drive. Not to mention one of the most beautiful mountain-views anywhere (my opinion): Mt. Rainier. That’s my favorite thing. Living in western Washington, it’s great when on clear days we can see the mountain. And sometimes it’s just so impressive looking, because it looks like it’s fake–a graphic pasted onto the blue sky.

That got me thinking into what exactly my home environment has to do with me as a practitioner/polytheist. Continue reading “Regional Ideas”