Smoke chokes Washington

Source: ECOconnect: Smoke chokes Washington

This is what we’re dealing with here in Washington. And I’m absolutely dying (exaggeration here) because of it. Okay, so not really. But it does feel like it, considering just how horrid the air quality has been. Really, it’s been kind of like living in some post natural disaster dystopia. The yellow air, the haze…all the smoke in the air–it’s been hard to really deal with it.

I’m on day 3 of a migraine; absolutely disgusting and painful really. Smoke is a major migraine trigger for me, so this has been rather miserable since we got the warnings that the smoke was going to be sticking around. Not to mention, it’s also been rather difficult to breath when it feels like your throat has schmutz in it. And while I know that it’s not as bad here as it is in other areas–I’m still not doing well with it.

So I’m hoping all the best to everyone in BC, that the fires clear up for them quickly. And in turn, when things clear up there, it should clear up for us down here, too.


Scents & Sensory Perception

I’ve always been sensitive to smells.

Bad (okay fair enough, it’s really just strong) smells cause migraines in me. So for example, almost every perfume on earth, when worn more than like 2 spritzes is enough to force a migraine on me. I have 2 perfumes that I own that are light enough to be wearable without my suffering. But most people wear too strong of stuff, and admittedly just put on too much perfume for me. Continue reading “Scents & Sensory Perception”