Apartment & Domovoi

Apartment & Domovoi

Way back several years ago I posted first about the domovoi and about what he means to Slavic folklore. I’ve even posted a few times about my own nerves in regards to this particular spirit or entity. Because while not traditionally the most frightening of creatures from Slavic folklore and myth, there’s a lot to worry about with domovoi.

See, sure, he’s not Baba Jaga or Koschei. They’re your more traditional “boogeyman” types. Or witch types. Or dark personas. Those are the ones that you expect people to be frightened of. The ones that nasty stories get told about, really. I mean, Koschei’s legend talks about creepy stuff. So, the domovoi is not really your “scary” type, not traditionally speaking, not from a western perspective.

But, for me, the Domovoi is a bit more frightening than any others.

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Source of Nightmares

Baba Yaga by Ivan Bilibin

Baba Yaga is a great source of nightmares. I’ve said it before, but of all the creatures, spirits or entities out of Slavic folklore–she’s the one who freaks me out the most. Far more than any other that I know of, even Koschei isn’t nearly as frightening, not to me.

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On Cats & My Spirituality

My family likes to joke that I have a problem…namely I’m a huge “cat lady”. Personally I fail to see this as a problem, but it does make for a funny joke. And there’s no lie–I love cats; of all sorts. So my family gave me a little challenge, and I’m actually laughing at it now. Because they asked me to check just how many photos of cats I have (excluding my Rose–because I have hundreds of her). So here’s a little mosaic of some of my favorite cat photos: Continue reading “On Cats & My Spirituality”

What is Double Faith?

Kind of an interesting question, depending on perspective. Because I’m sure there could be at least a dozen answers I could come up with–and that does not begin to count the answers other people could give at the exact same time. – and most of them are not the historical phenomenon I am actually talking about.

The historian and life-long student in me wants to pontificate on double faith; that being the particular manifestation of Orthodox Christianity that sprung up after the church swept through eastern Slavic lands and became the dominant religion of the ruling class. The rulers pushed their new holy religion on the masses, regardless of what the masses themselves believed or wanted. Rulers prerogative, as it were, of course.

Which led to a duality of belief that came down to us as a particular phenomenon in early modern Russian religious belief:

Dvoeverie – Double Faith

Just what is this?

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Ivan Bilibin – Artist

Source: Ivan Bilibin – artist inspired by Russian fairy tales and Slavic folklore

Ivan Bilibin is one of my favorite artists. I love his style, and the subject matter. Fairy tales have always been a weak spot of mine (I still adore reading versions even to this day–and I’ve got 2 copies of the Brothers’ Grimm, 1 English and 1 German–as well as my other fairy tale collections). And there’s just something beautiful about his work.