Modern Gods: Caffeine

Modern Gods: Caffeine

If there was ever a “modern” god that I would worship: it would be caffeine. There’s a whole host of reasons, but really–I think in some respects lots of people already do in a way worship caffeine. Not consciously, I would never say that, but in an unconscious kind of way.

I seriously love caffeine, and that’s no exaggeration on my feelings. It’s a wonderful thing that wakes me up, keeps me functioning, and has great medical use for me. Having caffeine keeps my migraines from hitting nearly as badly; and it also can help keep me from getting them. If I don’t have some caffeine in the morning, I get (at the very least) nasty headaches–at worst a full-blown migraine. So caffeine does have a sort of medical use for me.

That’s just the…more “mundane” sort of thing for myself though. Other people are different, and I admit there’s probably other points behind why I’m fond of caffeine. But that’s just the part of it, I mean…for all that it’s my own medical interest that compels me to drink caffeinated beverages (all hail tea); even I can admit that I recognize the ritualistic aspects of it.

Modern God

A modern god for the modern world

Let’s be honest, the most blatant thing most people consider a god:

something and/or someone (deity, entity, spirit) that is being worshiped.

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I’m slightly drunk. It’s a first for me. And I’ll chalk it up to the bartender thinking me and my friend are cute, and probably hoping for a good tip. Because this restaurant’s bar never makes their drinks this strong. They are always severely watered down on the alcohol front for drinks. We went because it was “happy hour” and we were getting cheaper drinks. And I only drank 2. Granted, I drink pretty vodka-heavy drinks, and in under 1.5 hours, that’s pretty bad, but add in the drinks being alcohol-heavy, and that makes me drunk. Plus, I didn’t eat a very good dinner. Snack food at 3pm does not a real dinner make, nor does some bread sticks qualify as real dinner either.

But, it did get me thinking just now. I realize, for the first time ever (I’ve never been drunk in my life), why people might drink as part of life. I mean…being a bit inhibition-less is nice. It’s freeing. It kind of opens the mind to new possibilities and makes me feel a bit happier to try new things, and think about new things. And it makes me feel a bit calmer, less worried and stressed out. That’s a huge deal for me, because usually I’m thinking of 20 things at once.

So, I’m going to consider using alcohol (1 drink methinks) as part of ritual in my future practice. Not getting drunk. But, I get the feeling that an occasional drink for ritual, or honoring the gods, or perhaps ancestors, if I ever choose to make that part of my practice, is a good idea.

I will of course revisit this idea when I’m sober (say tomorrow afternoon/evening) and evaluate. But, I think it’s a good idea. After all, alcohol is part of some religious practices, so it’s not without precedence for me to consider this.