New Medieval Books: From Dracula to Isabella

Via New Medieval Books: From Dracula to Isabella

Once again, sharing my love of all things medieval. But the first listed book: it’s on Wallachia and Vlad Tepes! So, really something so absolutely impressive that I’m in love. Like, book love. Only problem, finding a copy in English will be expensive. Buying a copy will take me some time, as I am on a budget. Other offerings here are cheaper though. So take a look for good historical book recommendations.


Global Medieval Sourcebook

Source: Global Medieval Sourcebook

This is something I just found; courtesy of a friend of mine who knows how much I obsess over and love medieval literature & texts! It’s a sourcebook (kind of duh) of all sorts of medieval items. So, songs, texts, prose–it’s a set of different resources that are curated by Stanford and are now being presented online for people to read and look at.

Currently there aren’t a whole lot of things online–but if they continue to add more sources, this would be an excellent source for all sorts of interesting texts. I’m hopeful that they’ll continue to add more texts as they go; because this is quite promising. Also, currently there are a good few options in German (Early New High, Middle High, Old High). So of course, my little German heart is delighted.

I definitely recommend checking this out for some good reading, and just for any kind of general research interest that might pop up. It’s fun to read, at the very least.

Reading Books

Book ReadingJust as a note, this graphic has (in it’s original context) absolutely nothing to do with mental health. However, since it resonates with me, I’m writing about this graphic. 🙂

So, I feel like for normal people, a book of this length in 1 day would be something almost impossible. Or at least, not easy to handle. But I read at a highly advanced speed and comprehension level. So I can read a 600-page book in less than half a day, given my own personal interest in the topic at hand. Continue reading “Reading Books”