Logistics of Devotion (Part II)

What are the logistics that go into devotional practice and work? (Continuing from Part I here) Obviously that’s going to change depending on which person you’re asking. For me, it’s a matter of delving in and really thinking about my own practice.

These are Jack of Wand’s questions to me:

  1. How often do I pray?
  2. What do my prayers look like?
  3. How often do I make offerings?
  4. Do I work with some gods more than others?
  5. Do I have a shrine? What does it look like?

So, let’s dive in! Continue reading “Logistics of Devotion (Part II)”


Portrayal of Gods

Piggybacking off the last post (Slavic Mythology), I guess I can discuss a bit more on portrayal of deity.

See, while those are the original images that drew me in to researching Slavic polytheism, I don’t see the gods like that. They’re old-world, ancient…probably far more accurate than any modern day portrayal with a modern aesthetic – or at least, in some respects they are. But I wonder about it. Because to me, who has never lived rurally and who lives cloistered up in the city itself–what kind of connection can I have to ancient portrayals for a people who lived remotely and not in a large city like I always have? Continue reading “Portrayal of Gods”

Dream Interpretation

I should really remember to write down my dreams when I remember them.

It’s for one reason only: I never remember my dreams. I can only remember maybe 1 or 2 dreams in my whole life worth any salt. So when I woke up Thursday morning, I should have written it down immediately. Instead, like an idiot, I assumed, “Oh, I’ll remember it until tomorrow when I have time to blog.” And tomorrow became today, Saturday, and I totally forgot said dream. Of course. So now I can’t remember it. But I know it was extremely important, at least a few details were…and they had something to do with paganism. Because I remember a pair of words that tell me it was definitely related to my pagan journey, and it had absolutely nothing to do with anything in my daily life these last few weeks, because I’ve been too busy to read any pagan books. Continue reading “Dream Interpretation”