L – Language

I’ve been busy, so I’m late again.

I like languages as part of my studying.

See, Slavic mythology is mostly studied in central and eastern Europe. So I need to learn at least 1 Slavic language to facilitate the studying. I’m thinking Czech, but Russian would be more useful to me. So it’s a dilemma, one that I’ll need to figure out eventually.

But languages, those are important.

Studying, and being the academic that I am…language studies are useful to me. For me to study Slavic paganism, I need to learn at least 1, if not more of the languages in the family of peoples that I have my interest in studying.

Right now though, I only speak English and German. German is helpful, there is some scholarship done on Slavic mythology in German. Also, from German kingdoms interacting with central European peoples…there are some historical records in German. It makes things easier for me knowing at least 1 other language, even if it is a bit outside the area of interest that I hold.

I know that languages are important for perception, for scholarship, and for understanding the people that one studies. So I would like to broaden my language repertoire to facilitate my studying. Language has always been important to me, for studying history, and now for studying my spiritual path.


J – Journey

I see my path in paganism/polytheism as a journey. It’s not a destination, never has been. Sometimes I like signposts along the way (who doesn’t?), they help me figure out where I am. But for the most part, I enjoy having a long way to go. It gives me a long time to go down and research. Without all the things on my private “to research” list–I feel like I’m missing out on a lot.

But journeys are boring for me too. I’m one of those people who hates traveling. I love to travel and see new things. But the actual act of travel and journeying just drives me nuts.

Kind of ironic for me. I suppose. But really, it’s also somewhat expected. It’s part of my mental makeup in a matter, how I cannot stand the long times journeys take. So I don’t really pause too long to think on how I have so little patience for taking a journey.

The long journey of research is something a bit easier–but its still difficult for me to deal with. And recently, the journey has been rather difficult for me. I’m not handling things well lately, so the journey is hard for me to handle lately.

I’ll get back to writing longer posts for the Pagan Blog Project hopefully next week, sorry folks.

I – Identification

I’ve had a lot of changes in how I’ve identified myself over the years.

When I first started out, as a 12-13 year old, I swore I was “Wiccan”. The books all said I could self-initiate as one, so I figured, cool, I was now Wiccan. Of course, some years later, and I was learning from online forums that there was no such thing as a self-initiation, and you couldn’t be a Wiccan without joining a coven and earning the title. So then, about 15-16 I began calling myself “Neo-Wiccan”.

A year-ish later, I was an eclectic.  That was my senior year of high school. But for purposes at school, I just would still call myself “Wiccan”, because it freaked out classmates, and that was funny to me (I did have a bit of a nasty streak to me). But to people on forums, or to my family, I was an eclectic pagan at that time. It was about that same time I also began to identify as a witch. So I was an eclectic pagan and witch, when my family asked me. Continue reading “I – Identification”

H – Hors

So now to talk about a Slavic god that there isn’t a whole lot known of.


He was one of 7 mentioned in The Primary Chronicle as having statues destroyed by Vladimir the Great in Kiev when he converted to Christianity. I think it’s in the Tale of Igor’s Campaign that they call him “Hors the Great” (but I don’t remember which story that was in…so I may have that detail wrong).

There isn’t any information in the Chronicle about what his function was. And the Tale doesn’t really tell too much…not that I remember. But the consensus is that he is a solar/sun god. So he moved across the sky as the sun-disk during the day…and under the earth during the night time. Pretty standard mythology type stuff for the times, I think.

There isn’t a whole lot of information though. But, since he is the second deity mentioned in the Primary Chronicle, directly after Perun, he must have been very important. That is admittedly my own interpretation of the reading of the Chronicle…there isn’t any way to prove my suspicion to that fact. I may think that, but I’ve no way to prove or disprove it.

Hors is a tricky character for me, since there’s so little known about him. He’s one of the deities without any real information. So he’s a puzzle. Which is really interesting. I suppose that’s why he’s interesting to study. But he’s not one of my favorites, I can admit. I’ve never really been too interested in sun deities, they’re just never quite what I seem to be drawn to. But in this case…there’s a challenge to knowledge, with so little present to know.

(For my Slavic posts…when I can find photos to correspond, I will add them. I like showing photos of these topics, they’re really unique.)

G – Goddess in the Historical Record

Specifically – goddesses in the Slavic pagan record. (Further quantified in my research up till this time)

I enjoy research…shock to no one I think at this point.

Looking at traditional Slavic pantheons as they are described in contemporary sources, or at least, as close to “contemporary” as we can get…there is only one named female deity: Mokosh. She is named in The Primary Chronicle as one of the 7 gods that Vladimir has their icons destroyed in Kiev. The only female deity mentioned.  There isn’t anything special mentioned about her, no attributing aspects, nothing that tells what she was related to, or what they worshiped her for. But…she is the only goddess mentioned by name. That is highly important to note. Continue reading “G – Goddess in the Historical Record”

F – Fire

I like fire. It’s possibly my favorite “element”, if I’m going to talk about the elements as being earth, air, water and fire. I’m a pansy about cold, I hate the cold. So I remember being at my grandparent’s house and sitting in front of the fireplace while my grandma was crocheting on the couch right next to me.  That’s where I learned to crochet, right in front of the fireplace.

Fire Continue reading “F – Fire”

E – Ethics

Sorry for disappearing for 2 weeks. I’ve been fairly busy in the offline world.

I’ve been thinking about what I consider “ethics” for the magical/pagan/practicing world for myself. Last year I wrote a piece on curses and what I thought about cursing. I know that it is for some neo-pagans unethical to curse…other pagans feel that ethically they can curse, given the correct circumstances. As for myself, as I said in that post–ethically I see no reason not to curse, if the situation is right and if it seems warranted.

There are other questions to address in terms of ethics here though. I think I’m going to speak about ethics in magic though. Not ethics in polytheism. Because each pagan or polytheist, depending on their path will look at that differently. For me, there are more broad ways (in my opinion solely) to define ethics in magic. Continue reading “E – Ethics”

D – Domovoi

D – Domovoi

So I’m going to talk a bit about a creature from Slavic mythology and folklore.

The domovoi.

It’s a household spirit. They’re small in size, masculine and often are bearded. I know that in some folklore the stories say that the domovoi can take on the appearance of the owner of the house. Traditionally, every house has a domovoi. And, even though by appearance they might seem a bit frightening (the descriptions in folklore are sometimes a bit frightening), they aren’t usually troublesome to the household unless they are angered. Continue reading “D – Domovoi”

C – Cats

So this is majorly late. I’ve just been so busy. (And I had this in my drafts and forgot to publish it)

Siberian Cat
Siberian Cat

I like cats. I’ve always been a “cat-person”. My family jokes that I might become that “crazy cat-lady” when I’m older.

Cats are adorable, independent creatures. I’ve always had an affinity to them. They’re just so interesting and they go off and do whatever they want. I like dogs too, not that I dislike them, but cats are far more my type of creature. They don’t require the constant attention that dogs do. You can let a cat do its own thing for a while and it will be fine. It will go play, sleep, eat or explore as it will, without being all nervous and anxious for you to return. On the other side, the cats I know are also very loyal and loving. So it’s not like they’re totally independent creatures that shun human attention. Continue reading “C – Cats”

B – Book of Veles

So something of quite a bit of academic and spiritual importance. Or rather, something I like to learn about, because of sheer historical research value that it holds.

See, the “Book of Veles” is extremely problematic from a historical standpoint for Slavic paganism.

It was discovered roundabout 1919 by a White Army soldier, as the story goes, somewhere in Ukraine. He kept it hidden away and, most tellingly, refused to allow the book to be looked at by professionals. The book was written on wooden planks, as a lot of books from early Slavic culture were, which fits with the supposed time period of the book, one would think. However, the book was finally photocopied, transcribed and translated by another man besides the owner of the book, who left the Soviet Union and went to the US in the 1940s. The Book itself disappeared during WWII, supposedly under German army control. It hasn’t been seen since then. The man who copied the text though, he began publishing it in the US, and that’s how we have the fragments that we do, from the parts of the book that hadn’t rotted away. Continue reading “B – Book of Veles”