The Surprising Paganism of The Mummy

Source: The Surprising Paganism of The Mummy

I’m a fan of the original The Mummy. Beyond Boris Karloff (who I have always adored as an actor, way back when I was little kid even), I love the movie itself. It’s really a good talkie–from the early years of the new movie medium. Surprisingly good, really.

It is admittedly a better talkie than my personal favorite of the old Universal Horror pictures: Dracula. But then again, it was a new medium back then, and talking pictures were a lot different than the silent films of the Teens and 20s.

But this is a nice article with some good points about the movie–and just what type of movie it is. Just, I disagree with the author telling you to go out and look for it online. I don’t know if The Mummy is considered “out of copyright”, but I don’t think so. I think that Universal probably still owns the copyright to it. Lots of rental services exist, so go out and rent the movie for an old-time horror flick.


Star Trek Beyond

Star Trek Beyond

So no spoilers….but – this movie was amazing! I am in love with it. This was a great improvement over Star Trek Into Darkness. Major.

Basically I am just write-screaming my utter joy with this movie and how very much I adore it. So excuse repetitions on my part, as I just really don’t want to write any spoilers for those who haven’t seen it yet.

I loved it. I mean…it was Trek–real Star Trek. Not Star Wars cloaked in Star Trek names and ships. No, it was real Star Trek, with the humanity, tone (updated, for sure–the movie scene has changed in 30+ years), and story that really was Star Trek. There was real humanity, real heart and a real plot line that was all Trek. I was deeply impressed by how respectful and honorable it was to the memory of what Trek was. I mean there is definitely an update–movies have changed in the 50 years since Star Trek first came on TV. Star Trek is about the plot, the slow burn, the moral dilemmas; which this one does begin to touch back on. It is a modern movie; a modern take that allows Star Trek to come to another audience, younger people who never knew the joy of The Original Series when it was on the air or in original syndication. Continue reading “Star Trek Beyond”

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Sorcerer's ApprenticeAnd by that I don’t mean the Goethe ballad, or the scene from Fantasia (much as I think that scene is hilarious and amusing to watch). I mean, I adore Goethe — even if he is supremely dense reading; like stereotypical German density. And The Sorcerer’s Apprentice is, for me at least, one of the more intelligible of his pieces for me to read. Here‘s a good dual-language copy! So go and read. Also, the scene from Fantasia is good, but not that good. It’s not my favorite, by a long shot.

I’m actually talking about the terribly 2010 movie with Nic Cage in it. Which, I mean…if you want terribly tacky fantasy, sure it’s good at that. And implausible story points. Really…Prime Merlinian and Morganians. It’s almost laughable, with how overwrought and ridiculous it is. And names like Balthazar, Morgana and Maxim Horvath. It’s giggle inducing. Actually, it’s really hard to take it even remotely seriously.

So it begs the question, why am I watching this movie again? Continue reading “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”

OCD Compulsions

So I just realized a bizarre compulsion attached to my OCD that I’d never realized before. See…I have favorite movie series’ that I like to watch (Harry Potter, LOTR, Indiana Jones, Star Wars). And once I’ve watched one of them, I just have to watch the others. I’d never noticed this before. But I, if I’m in control of the watching, pick the first in the series, and then go through in order. I can’t really help it either, it’s one of those things I just have to do, or I get, well antsy. It’s strange, because I’ve been doing this since I was a little kid. I would always watch movie series’, TV shows, or the like in chronological order. It would irrationally bother and annoy me if things were played out of order. So one after the other, always in order, that’s how I watch them. And I don’t ever stop at just 1 in the series, I finish from the point I start, or I pick a string (say 4 episodes) and watch in order. Continue reading “OCD Compulsions”

Watching “The Craft”

The Craft

So sometimes I realize I’m an awful pagan/witch/whatever.

Unlike most people who come to paganism or witchcraft that are younger (really around my age)…I didn’t come into it by “The Craft” or “Charmed” or any of the other pop-culture pagan phenomenon that are so popular/were so popular. The witchcraft/Wicca media things of the late 90s and early 00s weren’t at all what got me interested. Continue reading “Watching “The Craft””