No Love for Mokosh

No Love for Mokosh

Alright, so the title is a weird one. I admittedly wasn’t quite sure how to title this. But, it’s also pretty accurate. At least in my personal practice.

I’ve mentioned before how I am not really connected to the “female” aspect of deities out there. I mean, it’s not intentional, but it just kind of has evolved into a long-standing practice of mine. I generally don’t “connect” well with goddesses. Never have. Not back when I was trying to do the whole “Celtic” thing, not during the brief period I was thinking I should follow Norse or Greek gods. I’ve just never connected with goddesses.

So, go figure that the one goddess mentioned in Vladimir’s pantheon (The Primary Chronicle as source)–and I have literally no connection to her.

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Logistics of Devotion (Part II)

What are the logistics that go into devotional practice and work? (Continuing from Part I here) Obviously that’s going to change depending on which person you’re asking. For me, it’s a matter of delving in and really thinking about my own practice.

These are Jack of Wand’s questions to me:

  1. How often do I pray?
  2. What do my prayers look like?
  3. How often do I make offerings?
  4. Do I work with some gods more than others?
  5. Do I have a shrine? What does it look like?

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Slavic Deity Posts

I’m going to be doing more Slavic deity/spirit/entity posts.

I’ll try and do pictures where I can find them. But when I can’t, I’ll put as much details as I’ve found, up till now in my research. I’m going to start specifying where in the spectrum of Slavic peoples the deities were worshiped.

For example:

Mokosh is noted in The Primary Chronicle – a Russian document. (See: G – Goddess in the Historical Record)

Hors is noted in that same document. Also in the Tale of Igor’s Campaign – another Russian document. (See: H – Hors)

Other spirits/entities/deities are more wide-spread in their historic presence.

The domovoi was known from the Eastern Slavs to Western and Southern Slavs. (See: D – Domovoi)

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G – Goddess in the Historical Record

Specifically – goddesses in the Slavic pagan record. (Further quantified in my research up till this time)

I enjoy research…shock to no one I think at this point.

Looking at traditional Slavic pantheons as they are described in contemporary sources, or at least, as close to “contemporary” as we can get…there is only one named female deity: Mokosh. She is named in The Primary Chronicle as one of the 7 gods that Vladimir has their icons destroyed in Kiev. The only female deity mentioned.  There isn’t anything special mentioned about her, no attributing aspects, nothing that tells what she was related to, or what they worshiped her for. But…she is the only goddess mentioned by name. That is highly important to note. Continue reading “G – Goddess in the Historical Record”