Chosen or Decided?

Just what goes into figuring out what pantheon to follow, what gods to worship, what spirits to work with? That’s something that everyone comes to differently, and I’m no fan of claiming any one method is better than the others. Each method has benefits and drawbacks, and each person has to do what works for them, with respect.

Which of course leads to the question:

Does one get chosen or does one decide?

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Modern Gods: Caffeine

Modern Gods: Caffeine

If there was ever a “modern” god that I would worship: it would be caffeine. There’s a whole host of reasons, but really–I think in some respects lots of people already do in a way worship caffeine. Not consciously, I would never say that, but in an unconscious kind of way.

I seriously love caffeine, and that’s no exaggeration on my feelings. It’s a wonderful thing that wakes me up, keeps me functioning, and has great medical use for me. Having caffeine keeps my migraines from hitting nearly as badly; and it also can help keep me from getting them. If I don’t have some caffeine in the morning, I get (at the very least) nasty headaches–at worst a full-blown migraine. So caffeine does have a sort of medical use for me.

That’s just the…more “mundane” sort of thing for myself though. Other people are different, and I admit there’s probably other points behind why I’m fond of caffeine. But that’s just the part of it, I mean…for all that it’s my own medical interest that compels me to drink caffeinated beverages (all hail tea); even I can admit that I recognize the ritualistic aspects of it.

Modern God

A modern god for the modern world

Let’s be honest, the most blatant thing most people consider a god:

something and/or someone (deity, entity, spirit) that is being worshiped.

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Rules of Hospitality

This is a bit of a rant — (happy 300th post to me!)

So front up — I hate disrespect when you’re a guest in someone’s house. It’s deplorable and quite frankly some sign of lack of manners that either one was raised without or a lack of respect for other people’s homes, a conscious choice. I was raised to be polite, respectful and hospitable with I am a guest in someone’s home. That includes family.

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Portrayal of Gods

Piggybacking off the last post (Slavic Mythology), I guess I can discuss a bit more on portrayal of deity.

See, while those are the original images that drew me in to researching Slavic polytheism, I don’t see the gods like that. They’re old-world, ancient…probably far more accurate than any modern day portrayal with a modern aesthetic – or at least, in some respects they are. But I wonder about it. Because to me, who has never lived rurally and who lives cloistered up in the city itself–what kind of connection can I have to ancient portrayals for a people who lived remotely and not in a large city like I always have? Continue reading “Portrayal of Gods”

Patroness vs. Matron

Or…one of Emily’s largest pet peeves.

I hate spelling errors and problems of grammar. I refuse to use the stereotypical expression “grammar Nazi”, due to my years of studying German culture, society and history. But I will admit that I’m a stickler for correct usage of words. And if I learn I’ve been using a word wrong, I will correct my usage and remedy my usage; I will do the same thing with grammar that I have used mistakenly. I know that I’m a snob about it, I can admit that. I’ve always been good at vocabulary usage and grammar…since I was in kindergarten really. My school did reading comprehension tests in 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade, before I moved school districts. In 2nd grade I was tested at an 11th-12th grade reading level, and in 3rd grade I was at a post-college reading level. Given that, and the fact that admittedly I lived more with books and very few close friends…I’m a snob about spelling and grammar. I’ve been working on humbling myself though, and I know that everyone has different talents. After all, I’m atrocious at sciences, so I should not be a snob about my talents, because I can always learn in other areas. Continue reading “Patroness vs. Matron”