Oh My Gods!

Oh My Gods!

I recently just rediscovered my favorite webcomic: Oh My Gods! by Shivian. I posted the link below to check out the whole strip, and also as source for the image, because it’s the absolute best! (Okay, to be fair, this is my favorite comic regardless of web or print)

I had really kind of totally forgotten how much I loved this comic through middle & high school. This is one of the first things I found when I started off being a baby pagan/witch/”Wiccan”.

It was always a great little reminder to never take myself too seriously, to always have room for a bit of humor; and to definitely see the crazy in the community. This is also the reason I was always looking for research opportunities & new books to read.

So, silly as it is, this is one of my favorite little reminders of how I started out. It’s just a great rediscovery that has been giving me endless entertainment over the last week as I re-read it from start to finish. (seriously though – my mom has been wondering what’s been cracking me up all this time)

So, that’s just my friendly share of the day! I just wanted to share the joy, in case someone else has not gotten the chance to read this before.

Link to info and credit on the comic strip: Oh My Gods!