Blog Housekeeping

Usually once you find a style and a niche and a look–you just stick with it so that you don’t do any drastic, big changes and muck up the blog works. Or, at least, that’s all the advice that I’ve always seen about blogging. And the other big one: don’t go and do a big blog appearance change unless you’re changing up your theme or the topic of your blog.

I’m obviously not changing anything about the content of my blog. And I really love how the blog looks. It’s clean, neat…it kind of looks like a fancy newspaper or book. (which is totally why I picked this theme) So, it’s not that I’m actively unhappy with how my blog looks.

There’s just the simple fact that sometimes I get kind of…restless with how things look. I don’t even know if I really do want to change things about how the blog here looks. But, it’s kind of been bothering me that there’s been no change on my blog in…over 2.5 years now. It’s just weird for me, because I kind of feel like it gets stale.

I might play around with the theme and see if I find one I like just as much. We’ll see. I kind of think I’m just wanting to play around with new looks and see what I think about them. It’s just a type of mental restlessness that comes where I just want change–like I’m afraid if I don’t keep some change up, that things will get boring and lackluster (which is just in my head).

So, don’t be surprised if you see any change to the theme around here. I’m just playing around and testing new things out.


Frohes Jubiläum

Frohes Jubiläum

Happy 6th on the blog to me! And welcome to everyone new and old on the next year of this blogging adventure that I’m going on!

I’m grateful for everyone who’s stuck around and been with me for this journey. It’s been lots of fun all this time writing for you all (and myself), and I’m excited for another new year of blogging it out here. It’s also amazing how long I’ve been keeping this up and have been able to keep on posting new things and to keep on growing as a person with all my new posts and new ideas.

So, with that, thank you all so much. I’m grateful you’ve all been here or just popped in to look at the occasional interesting post. It all means quite a bit to me.

This will be lots of fun, and I’ve got some ideas for some fun new posts coming up. I’m also trying to set myself up to be a bit more consistent to post. No promises, but I’m trying to get myself set up properly for this to go well.

Basically, here’s to 6 great years, and hopefully to my going through many more.

New Years Resolutions

I really dislike resolutions. Pretty much they seem to me like a cry of “look what I’m going to do”, but then you usually give up within about a month or so. I mean, I know some people are great at them, but I’m not. So, I don’t do resolutions.

They generally don’t work out for me. Therefore, I generally just avoid them. Because if I make one, inevitably it gets broken within a few weeks…maybe 2 months at most.

I am however, making a commitment on this blog. I’ve always been a bit afraid of being like an…overwhelming blog owner who just likes hovers and overwhelms people with comments. But I kind of feel like maybe I’ve come across as disinterested or not willing to talk with people.

So, I’m making an effort this upcoming year to reply to people more and engage more with comments I get. I really do appreciate every comment I get, every like. So, I want it to be clear that I really do care. That means, I feel like I should be more engaged in actually, well engaging with everyone who takes the time to respond to my writing.

Hopefully you all look forward to comments like I do! I really want to be more involved in conversations, and hope you all are accommodating of my turning that leaf over in this new year.

Concert Dreams Come True

Concert Dreams Come True

Welcome to Post #450!

To celebrate, I’m going to post total nonsense before I get back to topical posts later in the week – since I have some stuff in the works for that.

I finally got to see one of my favorite artists in concert. Pardon the crappy cell phone photo (because I did not want to take my fancy, expensive camera with me), so I have a few really bad photos, and some horrid quality videos. Let’s be honest, photos taken on iPhone do not look great when blown up to be shown on a computer screen.

I got to see Garth Brooks in concert!

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Overnight I got 3 followers, which puts me at 302 followers. Which is a huge milestone for me. I certainly never thought I’d have so many people who like what I post; certainly not at all. I never thought that would happen back when I started blogging 5.5 years ago. I’m super overwhelmed that you all like to follow along, or just want to keep me around for occasional blog browsing. It’s super sweet, and I really appreciate all of you who read, comment, like or reblog. It’s encouraging that somewhere out there, people are interested in my little corner of the web. So thank you to everyone!

Yearly October Slump

I’ve mentioned before that October is always a hard month for me (like…almost every year I’ve had this blog, actually). It’s the month I lost my grandma, which is hard enough. But it’s also just really slow for me, for whatever reason that is. It’s just really difficult for me to come up with things to write during this month. So, I’m generally super low-key during this time of year.

Basically–I don’t have any ideas at the moment. I’m going to try and figure out some topics to spark my interest to start posting again, but I can’t promise that I’ve got anything. If I do, I’ll for sure post them as soon as I write them up. Otherwise, it might just be November before I have more to post.

We’ll see what happens. But, I promise I’m not abandoning anything…just taking a break until I get more inspiration.

Link Back

Well! I just found out why my blog got so popular today. I got a ton of notifications (thank you everyone who was liking and commenting! I really appreciate that people are interested in what I type here)–and couldn’t figure out why–given I haven’t posted in a few days; which goes against the normal pattern here in my blog-land.

It turns out that The Wild Hunt posted a link back to one of my blog posts. Here is the link to their post, if you want to check out some other interesting blogs, too. There’s some other interesting things I found, so it’s worth a look.

From a little bit of research, it seems someone had to mail them my blog post. If someone did, thank you very much for thinking I wrote something interesting and or important enough to share! I do appreciate that. It’s so sweet that people are interested–as I know I say all the time, but I really do appreciate my readers here who read all my assorted ramblings & writings.

All in all, I’m a bit flattered today.

Aesthetics Updates

Remember last year how I said I was going to do fairly active “aesthetics” posts on Slavic deities and spirits? Well, I need to apologize, because I’ve rather dropped the ball on that. As in, severely dropped. Definitely very well behind. I’m very sorry.

But! I’m going to try and get at least 1 written and posted this weekend, and I’m going to start a few drafts for a few more; that way I have continual motivation to write perhaps a few in the next 1-2 months. I’ll not promise, but I’ll do my best to get back to work on these.

Best Intentions

Currently in my drafts I have a list of 50+ blog topics to write about. They’re all there, just sitting and waiting for me to start writing up some nice little posts. But of course, I don’t actually use most of them; I just fumble along writing whatever else comes to mind. That’s a bit of a shame, because they’re all pretty good ideas (so says me), but I just haven’t had the inspiration to write up any of them. I should probably just start a few draft posts, just to get the ball rolling again. But I don’t think that I want to write things when I don’t have inspiration.

Like my last post – I was trying to find a different photo to show to a friend, came across my Herbarium-Snake photo, and then decided to blog about it. Which is great! Sometimes I just need to write those “random” posts like that. But I should also be working on my long list of “ideas” that I should be putting pen to paper, so to speak. It’s just not super easy for me, because I hate writing things without at least some inspiration.

I think I’m going to, since I seem to be feeling a bit of inspiration, start a few ideas up, so I can work on them later when I have more time.

What’s in 5 Years?

What’s in 5 Years?

Looking back on the last 5 years of blogging (this is a huge deal for me, I usually can’t keep a project going nearly this long) – I’ve changed quite a bit. There’s been a lot of change and upheaval in my life, anyway, but then add in spirituality, religion, belief and faith–it’s been a crazy ride of changes since I first started posting. I’m really actually surprised how much I’ve changed; probably only so surprised because I haven’t bothered to go back and read my initial posts in over 3.5 years. I’m sure if I had actually re-read them I would have realized it sooner. But then again, distance also serves to give quite a bit of insight.

5 years is a significant milestone anyway, I think. There’s not a lot of people who can keep a blog or project going for that long. I sure never thought I would manage it. When I started this blog, it was just an idea for me to spew my learning, thoughts and observations along with opinions on a site that I could then filter back through for my own use. That I’ve gotten so many people who follow along and like to read what I’m posting, well that makes me happy and I’m really rather honored. My little self-discovery and research project has been interesting to other people; that is more than I ever would have expected.

So I’m going to take a little look over just how I’ve changed in the last 5 years: Continue reading “What’s in 5 Years?”