Source of Nightmares

Baba Yaga by Ivan Bilibin

Baba Yaga is a great source of nightmares. I’ve said it before, but of all the creatures, spirits or entities out of Slavic folklore–she’s the one who freaks me out the most. Far more than any other that I know of, even Koschei isn’t nearly as frightening, not to me.

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June’s COTM and the Rusalka Menagerie are now live!

I’m sorely tempted to buy some of these…even though I don’t really do makeup.

Aromaleigh Mineral Cosmetics V.2

June’s COTM and Menagerie theme is the Rusalka! The Menagerie this month has expanded into a more specially curated product range, with the addition of a limited run lipgloss and a custom fragrance by Alchimia Apothecary!


While not technically a mermaid, the Rusalka is a water nymph- a female spirit in Slavic mythology. Her name vernacularly translates as “mermaid” from Belarusian, Russian and Ukrainian, although she is not described as being part fish. The original “rusalka” was an appellation used by Pagan Slavic tribes, who linked them with fertility and did not consider rusalki evil before the nineteenth century. They came out of the water in the spring to transfer life-giving moisture to the fields and thus helped nurture the crop. In nineteenth century versions, the rusalka is an unquiet being who is no longer alive, associated with the unclean spirit and is dangerous. (source: Wikipedia) I much prefer…

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