Sunday Musings: Baking & Science

Sunday Musings: Baking & Science

Once upon a time, someone told me that “Cooking is an art, Baking is a science“. Which probably explains pretty well about the way that I look at both sets of skills and crafts.

And it’s also a good indicator on just how well I’ve managed to work on both. Because that pretty much splits the line on those subjects I’ve always done well at and bad at–compared to the craft and my attempts to do either baking or cooking for offerings. Continue reading “Sunday Musings: Baking & Science”


Postcards Depict ‘Futuristic’ Moscow

Source: Postcards Of 1914 Depict ‘Futuristic’ Moscow In The 23rd Century AD

These are just…pure and kind of endearing. It’s absolutely amazing to see what artists in 1914 (before the War!) thought the future would look like. Just…interesting. It’s kind of like steampunk in a way–with how it’s alternative to what actually happened. And it certainly would be a type of situation like that, given how we’re progressed long past these types of looks. But still, it’s an interesting inspiration to see what people over 100 years ago thought our future would look like.

Artwork Commission

If you are ever interested in getting artwork done of a spirit, deity, entity or the like — I highly suggest you check out Felix Warren (here is his Etsy: ForScryingOutLoud where I purchased).

The new side image “Domovoi” is work by him. It’s gorgeous and absolutely brilliant. Not to mention, it really does capture a nice spirit and show such beautiful details. On top of that though, he was extremely friendly and kind in talking to him during the process. It’s great to have friendly conversation, and he was absolutely the height of professional.

I linked the photo also to his shop–so please do check it out. I’m beyond enthused and pleased with the work he did, and will absolutely recommend him for others who are interested in commissioning artwork.