Sibling Cleansing

I’m wholly sure that there’s some kind of “special hell” for people make statements like what I’m about to drop down. It’s probably not okay, but well…so it goes.

I’m seriously considering cleansing my sister.

Yeah…rude of me, I know. It really is rude of me to even consider it. But I think I’ve a fairly valid reason for considering wanting to cleanse her, given the situation.

I’ve mentioned before just how terribly the two of us get along, my sister and I. There’s a whole long history and lots of reasoning behind why I don’t like her. Well, don’t like is too nice a phrasing. I really despise my sister, to be honest. She’s done absolutely nothing since I left for uni to make me feel differently. Actually, she still acts just like a petulant teenager that had her toy taken away. No matter what is going on, it has to be about her; and if it isn’t, well then all hell breaks loose.

And last night my mother goes and accidentally lets slip (because I know for a fact she had zero intention of telling me voluntarily)–that my sister and her girlfriend are coming to spend the whole weekend with us. Which is just terrible on multiple levels.

  • For one: my sister is a slob.
  • For two: she’s a spoiled brat with no manners.
  • For three: she constantly destroys my things when she visits & makes a mess.
  • For four: she just causes all sorts of trouble.

Basically, my sister is a pain in the ass, and every time she visits (as I’ve posted previously) — she just causes a ton of problems. And, she’s a disrespectful brat that has no common decency. I don’t handle that well, and I don’t put up with shit. Not anymore.

Possibly the biggest reason though that I hate her coming over: every fucking time. Every time. She always insists on talking about my abusive father and how he’s the “greatest dad ever”, all because somehow he’s made up for years of abuse with her. And I’m a terrible daughter because I’m not willing to just “forgive and forget” about the 10 years of absolute hell he put me through. How he’s practically a damned saint; and I just need to get over everything that happened.

And so! This is what I get to deal with this weekend. My idiot sister and her girlfriend are going to invade my house for…eh, 3 nights? I think it’s 3. I’m not happy. And to get ambushed, well that’s the worst. I hate her being around my house; and now I’m stuck with it.

Which then brings me around to why I want to cleanse her.

It’s rude of me, I know that. Because this is my sister I’m talking about. Most people would probably recommend I just “make nice” and deal with her. But, I’m not going to deal with that kind of stuff; and I’m not going to put up with crazy stuff. Which is why I am seriously considering it.

My sister needs an attitude adjustment and needs to have herself corrected. Cleansing might be the option. I feel like cursing goes too far; but cleansing her ass might (maybe) make her act more like a human being and less like an animal every time she visits.

Cleansing could be an option. It might be something to do to allow some peace and quiet around my house. Cleansing might get rid of some of her nastiness. Or it might at least keep it from sticking around once she’s gone.

Certainly it would keep her from contaminating the peace of my house.

All in all, it’s probably more trouble than it’s worth. But I am seriously considering doing it. Though, I’m also sure it will just cause more problems than it would fix. Considering the whole family likes to stand up for my sister and talk about how she just needs “time to grow up”–like being 24 years old doesn’t mean she should act like an adult by now.

Still, I know if I actually do cleanse her, it’s just going to piss off my mom. And I don’t need that. So I’m figuring out a safer way of dealing with the nasty funk that’s going to descend upon my house this weekend. Come Monday night I’ll be doing something to get rid of it.



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3 thoughts on “Sibling Cleansing

  1. Cleansing WILL NOT help. Do you have a dead Grandmother or another close relative to both of you? Ancestors are the best help. Write down what you need her help for and go to the cemetery, bury the note on her grave and give her a libation of pure water. She loves both of you and will help if you ASK nicely. DO NOT demand. This is not a curse tablet!


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    1. Unfortunately, no. All my ancestors that were buried (not cremated) are thousands of miles away.

      I’m not actually going to do anything. It’s more just wishful thinking, on my part and venting about what I would like to do, just so that I’m not going to be rude while she’s here.


      1. It’s still good advice. If you have – or start building – a relationship with an appropriate ancestor you don’t necessarily NEED to visit the grave with your petition.

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