I’m currently reading Medieval Heresy: Popular Movements from the Gregorian Reform to the Reformation by Malcolm Lambert. So: history, religion, heresy, culture, sociology…it’s all there.

It’s an interesting book, and definitely feeds into my love of all things historical, history…and also religion related. I enjoy studying medieval times–and to be honest, religion was a huge deal at those times. So this is a fun book to read, because it has so much interesting information in it.

To be quite honest, it’s taking me time (work takes most of my time away); and also, it is quite dense subject matter. This is an academic book, after all. But I plan on finishing it in the next 2-3 weeks, if I can. And then I want to write up a book review of what I thought about it.

Nothing formal to write, not really. But it’s been a good book to read; so I’d like to share my thoughts. And maybe other people would be interested in reading it, too.