Mistakes & Lemmings

Guys, I made a huge mistake. Like…monumental stupid mistake on my part. So I’m suffering for it, but I suppose that’s just part of what happens when I decided to try a “2nd chance” as it were for a Slavic pagan group on Facebook. (I’m beating myself up for attempting it–obviously)

Basically, I really should have known better; but sometimes you just try to be optimistic & try to give another shot to a thing. Because really? Everyone can’t have turned out like fucking lemmings. But oh, yes. They can.

And I should really know better. But I was trying to be optimistic. I mean, I want to have a real-life community I can connect with. That’s only natural. And having like-spiritual people to communicate with is just natural to want. So I’m giving myself a bit of leeway on how I gave it another shot.

But here’s the result:

We’ll start off setting the scene.

And side note – I waited a week to post this, because I was so angry that I was sure I’d say something nasty if I wrote about it earlier. These screenshots were all taken this Monday, 3rd July–and I saved them until I could write somewhat coherently without screaming.

Person I coded with black swatch was the OP – he posted some article about the Kalash people in Europe. And made some comment about it connecting to ancient Slavic tribes. So this comment comes in (of which I only grabbed the bottom – because historical commentary is important–and the commentary is all that is important for setting the scene). The comment is historically accurate. So the OP responds back to this comment (black blur).

Let’s start with the first part – the answer to the OP (top half). This person pointed out that what we call the Aryan people (which was a specific identifier used by specific Indic people in the Vedic era history — did indeed migrate into Europe. They did not come from Europe. So all factually accurate.

But that doesn’t stop the OP (black blur, remember) from going off. The weird grey smudge/blur is the name of the person that OP is responding to. And – as is often the case in Slavic groups: when challenged — fucking go on the attack and Jew- or Muslim-bait while spouting anti-Semitic & racist bullshit. Pair that with his violent, abusive, and sexually charged demand to commit sexual assault….yeah, this guy is a “winner”.

Now the OP continues on in insulting the person (grey) who disputed his bullshit claim to begin with. And continues on with his anti-Semitic stupid tirade.

Which is where I came in (I’m the “scarlet” blur). I’ve made no bones about my stance on this crap. So I lay in. I have no tolerance, as we’ve covered here before.

Now, it’s fair to point at this point and time no mod has gotten involved. I don’t know if they were offline or what. I don’t care. Quite frankly, it doesn’t matter, not for the purposes here. But in the next 1 hour or so there is a gap before anyone responds to me. And during that time — the OP was either booted by a mod without that mod saying anything — or he somehow, stupidly removed himself from the group. Don’t know which, don’t care.

Now the yellow is the OP’s “wife” – so she says. She doubles down on the racist, anti-Semitic bullshit. And insults my good name in the process. Which–is actually pretty common around these groups. So, whatever. I was willing to let her insulting me slide; but not the rest of it. And of course, I obviously am infringing on the original asshole’s “free speech”.

Now at this point I’m a Social Justice Warrior & Jewish Infiltrator; all because I told her asshole husband that he was a disgusting human and that he was an idiot (not in so many words). Which is damn near hilarious, really. Except, these kind of beliefs are constant. So…it’s not really funny; more rage-inducing and annoying.

I called her out, too. Not that, really, I expected anything to come of it. After all, this blatant, virulent anti-Semitism is obviously not going to be stamped out by logic & my factual statements. So whatever. I just wanted to put her on blast for what stupid bullshit she had posted. Above all, I had zero interest in at all engaging with her individual points, because she’s obviously not going to listen.

And of course, she is right about 1 point. I am in the “minority” within these groups. Because I’m the only one lately that calls out bullshit like this.

I find it hilarious that she quoted Voltaire to me. And really – stupidly out of context, Voltaire, too. Just…so fucking rich it’s amusing.

Anyway – so I told her what I thought of a group if they’re going to support this kind of bullshit and bigotry, racism, anti-Semitism, or discrimination. I don’t want to be part of a group that supports this kind of crap — which is very clear.

But in the meantime, while I’m dragging her, and insulting her and her husband for their bullshit…the wife friend-requests me. I mean really! How stupid is she? I could not have made it more obvious that I thought her a reprehensible person — without straight calling her an anti-Semite and racist. (I was trying to have a little bit of tact…I shouldn’t have bothered) And she sends me a friend request.

That’s when it ended. She ignored me until Tuesday morning – when she responded to me that she hated me. I was a “traitor” to the Slavic people…and that she hoped I burned.

Fucking Lemmings

This is why I titled my post this way.

So this all happens. Individuals are allowed to be racist, bigoted assholes all they want. They’re wrong, and I’ll call them on it. But individuals are themselves. So whatever. However–this post sat up in the group until sometime Thursday or Friday. So…this whole shit started on Saturday night. Almost a week this post sat up in the group. And in that whole time, nothing.

I mean that during that whole time not one single moderator spoke up, did anything…nothing.

Basically–they let this anti-Semitic bullshit stay up without calling it, denouncing it, warning this idiot that it was not acceptable. Nothing. They just went about other discussions & ignored this.

And then poof — it’s all just gone. No word about it, nothing. Again.

Which is not at all shocking at this point. I actually was expecting that the mods would do jack shit about this. I was waiting to see if they would do anything, before I made a decision in regards to my “2nd chance” for the group.

I realized at that point that I had a major problem. 2nd chance was one thing; but for mods to flat ignore this and just let it stand…that was inexcusable. It’s not who was being discriminated against. For me it boils down to the simple fact that discrimination, racism…it happened. That’s inexcusable.

But let’s be honest. Mods in these groups are good about shutting down “inter-Slavic” bashing; and that’s it. So Poles can’t bash Russians, Russians can’t bash Czechs, Serbians can’t bash Croatians…etc and so on within the “Slavic” family. That’s just not allowed–because we’re all one big, happy Slavic family (please sense the sarcasm here).

But once it’s not about Slavs anymore — free reign. Muslim bashing is totally accepted. Rude comments about people from the Middle-East. German bashing is fully fine. (Because…WWII, obviously) But when you point that one out, well suddenly the chorus of “we’re all part German around here” or “my great-grandad was German” and “we all love German people”. Etc ad nauseum, and a lot of bullshit on that, too. Jewish-bashing & anti-Semitism: clearly okay.

That’s what this whole post showed me. That the group and the mods are accepting of (and even tacitly supporting) racism, bigotry & anti-Semitism. Which is in and of itself pretty disgusting.

And which brings me to my next point.

The utter lack of a reaction tells me that I’m dealing with fucking lemmings.

Because that’s the only way I can think of to describe the lack of any reaction. I mean really? One asshole and his wife, fine. There are assholes in every group, every community. Usually, if the order of life is correct & not crazy, everyone shuts it down. But for everyone else to just ignore it like it was “normal”, like it was acceptable? It’s clearly a case of lemmings. That’s the only explanation that I can come up with…well, without getting into an argument about the obvious racist tendencies of the larger community, which I don’t want to delve into this time.

Basically, I made a huge fucking mistake in thinking I could try 1 group just 1 more time for a 2nd chance. I give myself some leeway for just general human optimism (I have to give myself some leniency, or I’m just beating myself up) — but I also should have known better.

I knew what I was probably in for. It just was not worth the aggravation.

So my little 2nd chance experiment is over. I am totally done with the whole thing. This kind of bullshit, and the obvious complicity and complacency of the mods has told me that I absolutely cannot be part of any “Slavic pagan” groups on Facebook. Because their tacit approval of racism and bigotry by refusing to call it out and address it tells me that I cannot be part of any group that sanctions this kind of stuff. It is (as I’ve said a few times) against my morals. And 2nd chance was the last chance.

I’m officially, fully out of all these groups. No more chances.

Image from Pearson Scott Foresman.


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I'm a bibliophile who loves collecting books. Definite cat person. Amateur historian and major geek, who loves all things Tolkien and Star Trek. I'm also fluent in German.

5 thoughts on “Mistakes & Lemmings

  1. I’m glad to see someone finally sees this facebook group for what is truly is. The mods flat out hated my ass because I called out anti-semtism and racism in the rodnovery movement all the time. One mod threatened to ban me and personally attacked me saying that I “live off drama” so I fucking left and never came back. I blocked all the mods too.

    I’m kind of curious if you’d be interested in adding me on facebook and potentially making our own group? (albeit with a huge vetting process)

    let me know anyways.

    btw, sorry I keep leaving wordpress. I ultimately decided blogging isn’t for me right now as I sadly have nothing interesting to say :/ so yeah. coupled with a lot of anxiety. it’s not you anyways.

    ps. it seems “modrodnovery” is offline. hats the story with that? 0.o


    1. I’ve no clue about modrodnovery, actually. I didn’t even know it was down.

      Don’t apologize for leaving if you need to. Blogging requires a lot (obviously!), and there are times one just has to take a break (I’ve done it before during the tenure of this blog) – so I get it. Most important thing is to take care of yourself.

      At the moment I think I’m “done” with Slavic online groups. Maybe after things have cooled for me, I’ll consider making a new group…but for now, I need a break from the Facebook drama. But I’ll keep the idea open!


  2. Its a damned shame that the unnacceptable appears to be acceptable so often in certain circles. Maybe you should just start your own facebook group. Simply be very strict with who you let in and don´t be afraid to immediately ban anyone using terms like ´´cuck´´ ´´sjw´´ or ´´cultural marxism´´.


  3. I am absolutely in your corner – wanting to honor my Czech ancestors without being a racist dick to everyone else’s ancestors, which, as far as I can tell, none of my actual Czech ancestors would have encouraged either. Invite me when you start your revolution.


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