Well! I just found out why my blog got so popular today. I got a ton of notifications (thank you everyone who was liking and commenting! I really appreciate that people are interested in what I type here)–and couldn’t figure out why–given I haven’t posted in a few days; which goes against the normal pattern here in my blog-land.

It turns out that The Wild Hunt posted a link back to one of my blog posts. Here is the link to their post, if you want to check out some other interesting blogs, too. There’s some other interesting things I found, so it’s worth a look.

From a little bit of research, it seems someone had to mail them my blog post. If someone did, thank you very much for thinking I wrote something interesting and or important enough to share! I do appreciate that. It’s so sweet that people are interested–as I know I say all the time, but I really do appreciate my readers here who read all my assorted ramblings & writings.

All in all, I’m a bit flattered today.