Wonder Woman

I am in love with this movie. Seriously, it was amazing. Chills, awe, wonder…I can’t even begin to explain just how amazing this was to see last night. Because it was beyond amazing and really struck a chord for me to see this.

To be fair, I’m not the greatest fan of comics. I admittedly have read a few here and there of Marvel and DC–but it’s frustrating when comics just “reboot” and “retcon” everything like 20 times over. So it’s like, you get invested in one particular arc or story, and then boom they retcon it and make it all “fake”, a parallel dimension, or some kind of fever dream. Whatever.

It happens all the time. Which is a big reason why I just flat have not really tried to read a lot of comics, even if I’ve been interested in a few. Because why get invested if they’re going to (probably in the next…eh, 3 years? based on current timelines) reboot again shortly and make it all no longer valid? It’s frustrating and annoying for me to try and get into it knowing that.

So given all that, I don’t really get into a lot of comics. But I read books, and I’ll read online board discussions, and watch movies (yes, I know this makes me a bad fan to some consideration. I’m beyond caring). And given that I can more easily get access to classic comics with my Kindle now, I’m starting to read a bit more of them, since it’s far cheaper to rent/buy them for the Kindle rather than trying to hunt down paper copies; so I’m getting a bit more reading in, when I’m interested. So admittedly I don’t have all the comic backstory knowledge that some people have of this movie…but that’s quite alright, because I’m still a fan in other ways.

The movie though!

It was, first off, not quite your standard superhero movie. It was still wonderful, had the action and bombastic stunts that really are absolutely expected at this point from any superhero movie. But I expected that. For once, it wasn’t directed by the standard in Hollywood (male)–and so there’s a different style to it. Which was refreshing. Because this feels different, it feels unique; a new view and a new vision.

This was great to see, because it felt new. And new is nice, considering how a lot of superhero movies have begun to feel…identical? Yeah, to me they all seem quite near identical, even if the characters are different, the story telling is so similar that it can sometimes feel a bit like plug-and-play. Not to mention the 20 million reboots of the same superheroes over and over again: i.e. freaking Spiderman.

And a female lead! – this is just wonderful. To get to go to a movie where the undisputed lead is a woman (not just a token woman in a group ensemble) is absolutely amazing and great to see. I mean, given the movie subject, it should have been expected; but she really is the lead, and isn’t overtaken by the male characters in the movie. That was wonderful, because I’m having real trouble naming more than like 1-2 movies where the “lead” is a woman, and it really remains that way. So to have it be brilliantly shown this way, well that is beyond excellent and exciting.

She was strong and powerful all without being cast as a nasty “bitch” – which is the common stereotype that gets played out. She was really…human. Flawed and made mistakes. But strong and powerful, a real role model character without getting cast as some kind of ridiculous trope.

There’s just too much wonderful in the movie for me to really write a coherent review just yet. And I don’t want to accidentally spoil anything.

At this point (before I go and see it about 5 more times…or so), this is my favorite movie of the year. It’s refreshing to actually see a superhero movie I can relate to. One where the lead is a woman, and a superhero that I actually generally would look up to in many ways.

I emphatically recommend that everyone should go see the movie. It’s wonderful, amazing…absolutely brilliant and I’m so glad that this came out finally. It might have been 70+ years for Wonder Woman to get her own movie, but this was a great outing.


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I'm a bibliophile who loves collecting books. Definite cat person. Amateur historian and major geek, who loves all things Tolkien and Star Trek. I'm also fluent in German.

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