Thorin the Kitty

Mom and I adopted this kitty today. He’s a lynx-point Siamese mix. Doesn’t look anything like his mom (a black calico-tabby), but he’s absolutely adorable. Also extremely talkative — I think he didn’t stop talking the whole time we were filling out the adoption paperwork and on our way home. I’m excited to have a new fluffin around the house. He’s super cute and playful; and he’s already settled right into the house, even though it has only been 6 hours. We had to buy new kitten stuff though, which was a fun endeavor. (And kittens are way more expensive than I thought they were)




3 thoughts on “Thorin the Kitty

  1. Oh, what a beautiful kitty! If you adopted him from a shelter sometimes Petco gives out discount pamphlets for saved animals. You can ask a store member. Also sometimes local shelters have little shops that sell items at a discount. Congratulations on your new bundle of cuddly joy! #catlady


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