Spring Cleansing

Generally I hate that term–Spring Cleaning, you know. Spring is not the only time to clean. But it’s a hugely popular term. So I just make due with absolutely everything that goes on about spring cleaning. Admittedly I also think that I just kind of reflexively complain about such things. But that’s tied in with how my OCD affects me. I don’t like attention drawn to my particular compulsions, and the whole idea of spring cleaning just kind of hits on my major compulsions, so I’m less than fond of it.

So I’m taking today and flipping that on its head with a bit of a change on it. “Spring Cleansing” is kind of what I did over the weekend. Cleansing myself of some old weight, and of some groups online that I can no longer be a part of. Which means, technically, I did exactly what I dislike doing. But that’s just how these kind of things work. Sometimes the timing works out great.

It was Walpurgisnacht.

Which was really the perfect time to do this, if we’re totally honest. Really quite amusing that I would unconsciously pick that day of all of them to end up picking up and clearing up my interactions and my online presence in groups and forums.

See, one of the first things I remember learning about that is Walpurgisnacht is the waiting for spring gathering of witches. Or so said old stories. Not just the gathering on the Brocken (German folklore here), but just the general whole idea of a Witches’ Night where they all get together. It’s all attached to the whole “Hexennacht” or Witches’ Sabbath idea. Not that I believe in the whole dancing/celebrating with the devil idea.

I’m a fan of bonfires. So really, this is the type of holiday I could gladly get behind. Good, roaring fire and lots of folklore. I can imagine all sorts of good stories that get told about nights like that. And there’s lots of good folklore about it. And warm fire. (obviously I am not a huge fan of winter and cold–in case that wasn’t abundantly clear–hence my love of warmth and fire) So that makes it an appealing kind of night in my considerations.

For German folklore, part of the Hexennacht is in gathering to await spring’s coming. And given the whole waiting part–it kind of makes sense to put it towards spring cleaning. Because it’s the last time of that kind of winter “stillness”, where you’re waiting for the warmth and sun to begin returning in spring. And what do people do in the last bit of winter before it gets warmer? Personally, I associate that time with going a bit stir-crazy. So cleaning, cleansing, busy work…all of that seems pretty reasonable assumptions for work to do at this time.

A happy coincidence

So I think it’s a pretty good time to end up going about personal redirection. It kind of suits with the whole idea of just what should be done at this time of year–waiting for spring to arrive.

All in all, not bad for me to manage something like this without realizing it until the day after. I’d call it genius of me; but the honest truth is it was just a bit of dumb luck. I’m not really smart enough about holidays to plan something like this out in advance.

Header image by Andreas Fink


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