Hell & Easter

Funny story – I just got damned to Hell, on Easter! Which really is just so highly amusing that I’m still giggling about it, hours later. It’s just so…absurd? That’s certainly I word I can use for it. It’s so rich really that I’m still a bit in shock. Really…it’s Easter, and yet this whole thing went down.

I had posted a question in response to another post in one of my pagan Facebook groups. During the week I’m not super active, and so I take some time on weekends to catch up. So I saw that I had been tagged in a response, opened it up, and wrote a thank you response; attached to that I asked a second question. Now, it is Easter Sunday, and I know lots of people get together with their family for a family gathering, or family dinner (regardless whether they celebrate Easter or not)–so I was just going to hang out on Facebook and chat with some of my friends and wait for a response. Imagine my surprise then when suddenly about 10 minutes later I get a response. Totally was not expecting that, but I’ll take it.

So I open it up, and imagine my surprise! It wasn’t the man I was responding to/asking a question of. Nope, someone new. Now that’s no problem in and of itself. If anyone else has information or an answer, cool, I’ll take it. Sometimes you get faster answers that way, which is never a problem for me. And it is a discussion group; so other people chiming in is normal and perfectly expected. So I didn’t think much of it at first. Then I read the message. No big deal. Just a standard message, and so you kind of just “read” it without really taking in exactly what it says, you know? Kind of zoned out…and then reread it when I realized that I could not be reading what I was reading.

“Go to Hell”

You can always ask one of the hundreds of people you’d met that probably went to Hell. I can direct you.

For sure. I definitely was being told to go to Hell–or at least, being told I can be directed on how to go there and meet those “hundreds of people” I know who are already there. I kind of stared at it for a good minute in surprise. Because definitely not what I was expecting to read first thing in the morning, if I’m totally honest. More poetic wording really than what I’m used to (I’m rather used to a straightforward go to Hell)–but this was impressive still for it happening at all. And really, I’ll give bonus points for creativity in the language used. Still, it about evens out to zero, since the lack of context means it lost points for cohesiveness.

For some odd reason, this just makes me keep giggling the more I see it. There’s really nothing else to be done at a time like this but to laugh. No reason to get angry…not that I would. Because really, I don’t care in the slightest. I mean really! Who wants to bother their time to waste it in coming up with that on Easter Sunday of all days? And the sheer nonsense behind writing something inane like that. It had nothing to do with the rest of the thread.

It was clearly an attempt at trolling. A poor one at that. Lost major points for lack of cohesion and managing to even tangentially relate itself to the thread in question. So I’m not broken up at all. It’s too ridiculous to be upset at or annoyed with. And for trolling–failure. It doesn’t have a bite, a wit, or even the sheer outrage value to make it worthwhile for a troll. It’s rather pathetic, if you think about it. Not even the “poetic” quality of how it’s written makes up for all that. So a failure on all levels. I’m actually a bit disappointed. If someone’s going to take the time to troll me on Facebook, they should at least make a real effort of it. This is lackluster and half-hearted at the very best.

Basically, this was great amusement for today. I needed a good laugh, and this was just the type of fodder that will make for good giggle material for at least the next week. I’m looking forward to seeing what else this troll can come up with to direct at me, should he comment to respond to anything else that I comment or post in that group.

Happy Easter


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