Larkspur – Delphinium

Delphinium, or more commonly larkspur, is a pretty flower that I really like; not least because it’s the “July birth flower” and it’s my birth month–so there’s that connection. Admittedly I’m fairly biased towards things related to July…always really have been. But that’s just a rather minor reason why I’m fond of this particular flower. I’ve got a bit of a thing for strange and unusual flowers. Not that they’re rare on their very own, nothing like that–but I’m strange among my friends. Most of them like lilies and roses, which are fine, but not my favorites. I’m not above pretty, very popular flowers, but I have my own personal favorites. Delphinium is far prettier to my opinion.

So traditional flower meanings, all told are interesting. I’ve mentioned before how I like researching this stuff. Totally useless in daily life, let’s be honest; but really fun to know just for trivia’s sake. And on the off chance I ever needed it (that’ll never come, but hey! I can be prepared nonetheless). I’ve heard a bunch of different ones from flower meaning books, lists, and even just general talk:

  • Lightness
  • Levity
  • Joyful
  • Fickle
  • Sweet
  • Contrariness

Some of those are pretty well me, others less so. Not that I’m saying the “flower meaning” has to match my personality. That’s now how this works, and I know that. But it is funny how some things kind of correlate if you look at them from a certain light. Plus, I’ve come to deeply agree with all common sense that says humans look for patterns or similarities in their daily life. They make things easier to categorize and work with.

I definitely can see contrariness being an apt meaning. Twofold really on that. And also the kind of joyful lightness that the flowers remind me of when I’ve gotten to see them out in the gardens. Also, I can see the levity in the meaning, if you think about it for a bit. So really, those all work to my mind rather well.

Then there’s fickleness. Which I can see, but I don’t like as much. But that’s just the way these things go–some you like and others you don’t. I would really dislike thinking of my birth month being attached to fickleness. But that’s the flower–and flower meaning and birth months aren’t really a real thing beyond what people have assigned to them. So I can easily set that aside. Everyone gets their own opinions on the meanings.

Just in general, these are pretty flowers. And it would be nice if I could grow them myself. I’m not about to try since I kill any plant I try to grow, even bamboo. So I’ll admire them from great distance and just enjoy how pretty they are.

Photo by Kenpei



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