Currently in my drafts I have a list of 50+ blog topics to write about. They’re all there, just sitting and waiting for me to start writing up some nice little posts. But of course, I don’t actually use most of them; I just fumble along writing whatever else comes to mind. That’s a bit of a shame, because they’re all pretty good ideas (so says me), but I just haven’t had the inspiration to write up any of them. I should probably just start a few draft posts, just to get the ball rolling again. But I don’t think that I want to write things when I don’t have inspiration.

Like my last post – I was trying to find a different photo to show to a friend, came across my Herbarium-Snake photo, and then decided to blog about it. Which is great! Sometimes I just need to write those “random” posts like that. But I should also be working on my long list of “ideas” that I should be putting pen to paper, so to speak. It’s just not super easy for me, because I hate writing things without at least some inspiration.

I think I’m going to, since I seem to be feeling a bit of inspiration, start a few ideas up, so I can work on them later when I have more time.