My baby kitty is not doing too terribly hot right now. She’s still eating and acting exactly like normal. Which is a good sign alone. But then she’s not jumping as she usually does. My living room is set up currently so that the two couches have the living room table in between. She usually will jump up from the floor onto the seat of the couch–and from there up onto the back of the couch cushion. Or – she jumps from floor to the arm of the couch, which is about 2 inches shorter than the back of the couch. Today though, all of a sudden, she’s not jumping up onto the couch arm or even up onto the back of the couch. This of course, I know, is not a good sign. She doesn’t seem to be in any pain, I checked already for that–and she’s moving around the floor and stairs like normal. But still, not jumping like she usually does is not a great sign at all. This of course means I have to be back on high alert for how she’s feeling and what she’s doing. — this is the kind of thing about pet ownership I do not like in the slightest.