I don’t know if that’s a word. But we’re going to go with it.

This political season has been hell on my family. Needless to say, there is a small core of my family who are all very liberal. All very firmly on the front that the liberal mindset is what supports us and our rights, our hopes and dreams more. Not conservative at all. (and please note I’m not saying Democrat and Republican – because my family are not party-line toers. It all boils down to the platform and individual candidates for us)

But! There is a larger part of my extended family who are die-hard Republicans. Like, blindly support the party no matter what they say or who they put up as nominee. I’m not a fan of any one who just blindly follows a party without research and examination of the platform and candidate themselves. But even more scary are the family members who are all on board with a certain Republican candidate who does not deserve his name on my blog. Like, militantly support him, post memes about how awesome he is…and are blatantly fine with those lovely comments he made about women (and some of these family members are women).

So I posted a status (with historical citations) in response to a totally different post a family member made. Which admittedly is perhaps not totally kosher of me to do–but, I am politically active, I post, I write, and I discuss with family and friends. I have the right to post my opinion, just like they do. And if there is anyone in my family who knows US history, or political history in the States, it is me. So I made my post, just commenting on some political history and facts about US political past deeds and rebutting some things this candidate had said. Nothing rude or rank, just some facts, and a point that I feel is important.

I truly believe that I owe my rights and privileges as an American to those who came before me. To those who fought for equal rights, for the vote, to end segregation, to end Jim Crow, to stop discrimination in work and in rights, to ensure that all people, no matter their sexual orientation have equal rights, to ensure that I as a woman have a right to my own autonomy…I owe all those who fought and came before that I make full use of my rights. I have to vote–that is my duty to honor those who gave up so much to ensure I have that right. I have to be politically active and an informed citizen. So many people gave up their time, their freedom, their liberty, their limbs and even their lives to ensure I have these rights. The least I can do is that I have to honor those sacrifices and always move forward. I have to do my part to ensure that I vote to ensure our government and our nation do not return to times where we were lesser. There are dozens of problems left, inequalities to continue fighting against, and equality to be had in our country. And I want to make sure I do my part in this, be active and informed, and not slack–because I have a duty to be an active citizen.

My family is not too happy about my being active; especially not considering how I am very differently politically minded from my conservative family. So I’m sure that I’m about to be massively disowned by my a chunk of my extended family for stating my opinion. Which is whatever, I don’t mind. But it is a bit of a thought piece–knowing that some of my family are seriously going to disown me for stating my opinion on a crucial issue.

I can’t wait for the election to be over; but in the meantime, I’m probably being disowned by most of my extended family.



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I'm a bibliophile who loves collecting books. Definite cat person. Amateur historian and major geek, who loves all things Tolkien and Star Trek. I'm also fluent in German.

2 thoughts on “Disownment

  1. see It’s really sad to me how much this election in particular has torn people apart. It’s pretty pathetic in my eyes that people let something such as politics break important bonds. I’m sorry your family is doing this to you.


  2. Brava for you! I was in much the same position as you. My Father went further to the right as he aged. In fact I believe he was brain-washed. He did not realize that the GOP was worse than the John Birch Society, which he WAS NOT permitted to join when he was a commissioned officer in the US Coast Guard. It was on a list of un-American organizations because of its Nazi/Fascist leanings.


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