Stormy Weather

So we’re battening down the hatches around here. Or rather, getting ready for the wind storms, massive gusts, and inches of rain that are supposed to fall between tomorrow morning and Sunday morning (Thursday-Sunday).

I do love rainstorms and lots of rain and wet. Hell, I definitely grew up in western Washington and I love a good storm–especially if it’s a thunderstorm. Even a good little windstorm is great. I love wind, the way it makes you feel alive to have the wind brushing at you, blowing away, and just alive with so much power and fierce energy. But this isn’t really the normal “storm” that we get around here, and I don’t think this one is going to be nearly as much fun as what we usually get to deal with (in my opinion).

This is the fun thing though–for Saturday. Remnants and leftover bluster from Typhoon Songda. Which either are going to just cause a bunch of nasty wind to us here in the inland (east of the Sound), or is going to cause all sorts of hell on par with the worst storms on record.

Me personally, I’m hoping that it stays far enough off shore at its center that it doesn’t bother us too much. I mean, we’re going to have power outages, that’s a thing–and the wind is going to play havoc all weekend; there’s not way to get around that. But if we’re lucky then we should have just the wind, a lot of rain, and some outed power for a few days. If we’re unlucky the massive amounts of rain about to fall are going to cause the rivers to flood, and that’s going to be bad for anyone who lives below the water level.

Basically — this is going to be a “fun” weekend. I’m just hoping everything turns out well, and that everything around here stays intact and no one loses power for too long. It’s going to be interesting, and I’m thinking about how best to get through it all, and just to generally enjoy and prosper through the crazy storm weather we’re going to have.




5 thoughts on “Stormy Weather

  1. The storms are how I mark the beginning of autumn. The wind rushing around makes nature (to my eyes at least) more active, something we can interact with right in the moment. I’m in Western WA myself (born and raised here too), nice to know that there is another polytheist watching the storms and enjoying the change in weather :). Perhaps we are even neighbors??

    (I’ve been reading on and trying to develop a working acquaintanceship with Ba’al Hadad, the storm god of the Canaanite pantheon. This seems like just the opportunity to do just that.)

    Today I helped my parents take in the soakable stuff from their yard. Battening down, indeed.


  2. I started researching about the Canaanite gods through Tess Dawson’s books, though I’ve been lucky enough to get some of the academic sources she also used. And also a matter of actually approaching Them… ^_^;

    Not at all :). I’m in north Seattle! 😀


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