Racism in Rodnovery

Well — this has been something I’ve been kind of struggling to write for a while. Not because I’m nervous/anxious about writing the topic itself. Far from it. I’ve always been one to call out racism, bigotry or prejudice anywhere I see it. But this…well it’s difficult to write about this, because it’s pretty damn rampant, which makes it ever more awkward to even begin to interact with other Slavic pagans, polytheists, witches/magicians or Rodnovers (whatever label they individually choose for themselves). Because it’s so rampant that it’s actually nauseating. And this is the type of stuff I’m afraid I’d have to deal with, should I ever go out and do public events with others of my general belief type.

Such as, for example, this lovely discourse that took place on a group I’m part of on Facebook, that’s to do with Slavic religious practices. I just lurked on this one; because I was at work and only caught a bit of it before my break ended. So then I took these screenshots (and then obviously privatized them later), to write about later. Because this is the type of thing that needs to be called out and addressed directly.

1So, black name next to image is the guy who was spouting all the BS that happened to go down this time. I colored other people’s responses in other colors, just to make it clearer who was saying what.

But, in short – he is being an asshole to another person on the group, who so happens to be Serbian (per his profile). Which leads to nasty comments like “true Serbian” and “stereotypical Serbian” as opposed to a true “Slavic Serbian™”; then the even ruder comments about how this other member of the group is Orthodox, and that means they’re disqualified from being in the group. Then it devolves into nasty comments about racism and starting wars.

2And then there’s this nasty bit of wisdom that another man had to post in defense of Asshole #1. Which is just disgusting and makes me angry. Because this is the kind of BS from Asshole #2 that gets a lot of groups bad names–when people post stuff like this; when people believe stuff like this, it just harms everyone. Not to mention–this is the type of anti-Semitic rhetoric that we saw in the past, pre-Reich and -Holocaust; not to mention you still see BS like this today. It’s horrific and awful, and it causes a huge punch to the gut to any human being with any decency.

3Back to Asshole #1 though. Here we have him going on about BS like genetics, DNA and cultural as well as “racial” heritage; as well as a heaping side of religious intolerance. All of which are bullshit, again, because I damned well know from his profile that he’s no geneticist, scientist, or doctor. And no one of any actual credibility would ever post these kinds of things.

Though this is a pretty good cross-section of the BS that gets tossed around in Slavic/Rodnover circles though. Claims of who is genetically most Slavic, who is “faking” or not really of the correct blood, etc. Oh, and then his second comment here, where he states that he’s got Nordic/Aryan features. Which is a slap in the face to someone who has studied racism, Holocaust, and the harm that this type of eugenic-like thinking entails. Oh, and his nasty comments about the physical features of other people–blatantly just calling them all identical, and inferior. He also puts in a good jab about how he’d kill himself if he was a Serb. (and the self-loathing of his whole “I’m dark-haired and eyed, so I’m already ashamed of my Slavic heritage”, blah blah…)

4And the last, highly inflammatory BS that Asshole #1 posted. More vitriolic rhetoric against Serbs for being not “Nordic/Aryan” – which he equates with being the same as true “Slavic” features and race. And more insults about how Serbs are just Orthodox pawns and that Serbs are not Slavic; because they “deal with the Ottoman problems”. And then he just insults the man by saying that he’s just a Turk.

Now, first points first. There is nothing wrong with being of Turkish descent, of Bulgarian, Polish, Serb, Czech, Russian; of any type of Nordic descent. None of that is shameful. And someone’s ancestry is no reason to attack them. One’s national and cultural heritage is beyond their control, and there is nothing wrong with where your family comes from. I don’t care if a practicing Slavic pagan comes from anywhere in the world. I don’t care whether said practitioner is majority “Slavic”-descended, or whether their ancestry comes from Nordic countries, Gaelic or Gaulish countries, any European country predominantly influenced by the Greeks or Romans in the south of Europe, from Turkish, Middle-Eastern, eastern Asian, southern Asian or Islander descent. If you are respectful in your beliefs and actions while working with Slavic deities–I don’t care where you or your family’s from. None of that matters.

Second: there is nothing wrong with Orthodox religion. At least, not in this case. And so what if any individual comes from an Orthodox background? It’s not like there are many Rodnovers who come from a Rodnover background–most of them came from Christian, Orthodox, Jewish, Muslim, agnostic, atheistic or theistic backgrounds. Let’s be honest–most Rodnovers come from “Western” cultural backgrounds–which means the majority were raised some denomination of Christian or probably agnostic. Some probably atheistic by their families. But there are probably none/very few that had any real “Slavic pagan” upbringing. — Because in this circumstance superstitions, folklore and folk traditions do not really count. These are cultural things deeply ingrained, and are not done for their old “pagan” reasons; they are instead done as cultural habits that are deeply ingrained.

And possibly the most hilarious thing about Asshole #1’s whole diatribe?

By the whole “Aryan” BS that he’s spouting–the whole Aryan idea–that’s all a very specific set of beliefs and understanding; anyone who has studied the time period, beliefs and political ideology knows this.

Yeah, Slavs were considered subhuman and not part of the whole Aryan master race. This whole Aryan thing, it hearkens back to the Third Reich, Nazism, and everything that goes with that in terms of eugenic/genetic beliefs. At least, in the way he’s talking, it hearkens back to that time and those beliefs. And if nothing else, the Reich under Hitler was very damned clear on what they thought of the Slavs (i.e. USSR at that time, but still, Slavs). There’s a whole section in Mein Kampf specifically about what Hitler thought should be done to Slavs. They were subhuman, to be used as labor, to be killed and moved about without any consideration. The whole point of Lebensraum im Osten according to the Nazis was that the Nazis were to sweep in, overrun all Slavic lands to the east, destroy the USSR and her armies, and then resettle the “master race” into the emptied lands.

Which means that Asshole #1, with his whole diatribe about how he’s a “real Slav™”, and therefore better than others, at his subjective floundering…in his own little scenario, he would be one of the subhumans being removed to benefit the master race. According to the doctrine that he’s subverting, parroting and paraphrasing, he’s no better than slave labor, and taking up space that belongs to the right, actual people. He would be as done for as the other people he’s talking trash about, according to his beloved doctrine. So actually, he’s an idiot, and absolutely stupid, on top of being racist.

But back around to the beginning.

This is not the first time I’ve come across this hyper-nationalistic and racist language within the Rodnover and Slavic pagan community. This belief set is the most vocal of the people I come across. I know there are people within the community that are not like this at all. And those people I appreciate. However, there are huge voices along this line that need to be shut up, shut down, and the community needs to own up to the fact that it has a huge problem with racism within the ranks. And actually–this is against other Slavic peoples. Not even non-Slavic people. Which is not better either.

But this is the kind of thing that makes me hesitate to have anything to do with other people. I don’t want to be a part of this type of community. These are beliefs that are toxic, vicious and absolutely abhorrent. I cannot stand these types of things. And this is the type of person that usually draws the attention of others, of outsiders. So this is the type of image that people get.

Hell, I’ve said before that I have major issues with labeling myself—here it is. I will never call myself a Rodnover, at least, not with the way it is seen right now; and I cannot see my opinion changing on this anytime soon. It is too poisoned for me, by prior experience. And then this type of thing crops up, making me ever more reticent to admit that I’m even related by general belief in Slavic deities and spirits with this sort of person.

So I’m ever further pressed on how certain Slavic pagans, or Rodnovers, or whatever, act and speak in online forums. This kind of thing is like a punch to the gut to a person like me who was raised to be respectful of people from all backgrounds, and to not judge anyone based on their heritage, religion, or background. I was raised to judge people on their own actions, beliefs and words. And to even have to see stuff like this, it just angers me.

This is the type of thing that makes me dislike my own community. It’s racism and bigotry of the highest order. And I don’t like it. It’s poisonous to the community, and does absolutely nothing beyond show how low a person is, to spew this rhetoric and then to double down on it when called out by others.

Racism is a huge issue, even in general. But within my community, it is deep. And it needs to continue to be called out. Because so long as people still have these opinions, it’s difficult to be part of such a community. And also, it is not for us to allow such abhorrent beliefs to continue. We need to continue to move forward and to call out these beliefs. I can only hope that after much work within the community that these types of beliefs will be removed as the harmful dredge that they are.

In the meantime, I continue to remain well outside the community; cautious and actually quite nervous to fully interact with it, so long as things like this still continue to happen.

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I'm a bibliophile who loves collecting books. Definite cat person. Amateur historian and major geek, who loves all things Tolkien and Star Trek. I'm also fluent in German.

20 thoughts on “Racism in Rodnovery

  1. I’m guessing this is the “rodnovery” facebook group? I’m ironically banned from that group due to leaving and asking to rejoin one too many times… glad to see my fears weren’t in my head huh?

    Slavic paganism and “Rodnovery”.. *sigh* I love my gods to death but it forever makes me sad this revival is infiltrated with SO much BS. It’s never going to be taken seriously and it’s really upsetting to me.


  2. I just wanted to thank you for writing this. I am a Slavic pagan, but I too worry about interacting with the broader community given its racist and nationalist tendencies. It’s especially annoying to see all the false histories and pseudoscience that go into justifying superiority or even just into justifying a “non-superior” but fairy tale perfect version of “the wise ancients” or “our perfect Slavic past” or “we’re not better than anybody else but we’re Pure and We’ve Been Here Forever” or other complexity erasing BS. I don’t know what the solution is to this, apart from people who are anti-racist, anti-antisemitism (woo double negative) and anti-fascist speak up, as you say, or create our own communities that won’t put up with that nonsense.

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    1. Thank you!

      I do agree – there’s no easy solution. For now, given the general tone of most public gatherings, I prefer to act solitary, as is pretty obvious from everything I write…but maybe in the future things will become less…problematic, and maybe one day I will actually interact with the community in person.


  3. Sooo damn true! I understand that rodnovery is based in slavic culture as a native faith – but by god, the RACISM and white supremacy. Loved your point about hitler literally thinking of slavs as subhuman – it just makes slavic neo-nazis all the more hilarious to me, given they’re not only, uh, massive hateful racists, but also completely and utterly stupid, because if they were around during hitler’s time, he’d want them dead too. It makes me think of that modern-rodnovery website, the top result, which states in their welcome – ” We come from a non-racist philosophy yet maintain an unbridled policy of free speech. ” As if anything good ever came from “i’m not racist, but—“.
    I’m fairly new to active participation in this religion, and am only half-Polish myself – being mixed race with Chinese – but I read recently that use of the kovolrat (and the similar swastika) has become somewhat associated with the racist-to-nazi end of worshippers. I stay away from group/organised religion anyway, as to me it’s always been personal and private, but i like the idea of the ‘hands of god’ symbol being the one representative of the open-minded, non-hateful and otherwise socially just/aware side of the religion’s followers. Truthfully, I hate using the swastika anyway. It doesn’t matter what it’s original connotations were anymore… it’s been too twisted. It’s symbolic of a genocide now, of Slavs, Jewish people, and many, many others. I feel wary of it, even when it’s not being used by neo-nazis.

    This got completely off-topic, but anyway, fantastic article. I’m so glad to find other rodnoverists(??? rodnovery….ers? rodnoveries?) who find issue with the rampant racism/bigotry in so much mainstream slavic worship. Truthfully, i think it’s more an issue with the culture rather than the religion itself. The two are very intertwined, either way.

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  4. A bit late to the discussion but I just found your blog and; YES, this is every reason I’ve been hesitant to look into rodnovery. Honestly, I did start looking into it after learning about my family history (Polish/Czech) and becoming fascinated with the Slavic faiths. Then I found out how much white nationalism and neo-nazism there is in the community and I became discouraged. I do hope this blog isn’t the only exception to that ‘rule’.


    1. Welcome (and I welcome all comments, no matter when they come)! I’m definitely not the only one speaking out about it! I can definitely say that. I would say, don’t let the issues stop you from looking into the mythology & folklore. It’s a lot of work to parse out the good stuff, but it’s rewarding.


  5. Also just finding this post and breathing a sigh of relief that there are other polytheistic folks of Slavic descent who are appalled by the racism, sexism, fascism, homophobia, and transphobia rampant among many rodnovers. I’m torn on even incorporating the “symbol for Veles” developed by rodnovers into my spiritual practices because of its origin.

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  6. Also finding this article very late. Many thanks for writing this. Glad to see other polytheistic folks of Slavic descent speaking out against the abhorrent racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and fascism that seems to run rampant among many rodnovers.


    1. Welcome to my little corner! I’m always glad to find other people out there, since sometimes it does feel very solitary on this path. I try to be a voice against it as much as I can, so I’m glad that it comes out.


  7. Here I am, with a delay too.
    I also belong to the Native Slavs Faith. Personally, I did not have such inconveniences, but I saw them in others. My strategy is to infiltrate into a group, under a fake name. I never comment, I only observe. After years of experience in this, I can freely make the following conclusion.
    People with psychosomatic problems, as well as people who are aware of their non-Slavic origin, because of which they are (unreasonably) ashamed, are the most aggressive in proving their “purebred Slavic origins”. These are the so-called “miners” of our faith. Their goal is to make the faith of our ancestors as inaccessible, disgusting, racist and aggressive. They are working consciously against us !
    Seduce and rule – the familiar formula.
    For this reason I am solitary. But I just want to emphasize the next thing.
    It mustn’t be allowed that, because of these retarded monkeys, our primal faith become hindered. And that’s their goal!
    The useless idiots will always make the damage and therefore I propose:
    Establish groups or pages on social networks, such as Facebook, VKontakte in the beginning. I already have one for the above reasons.
    Also, you don’t need to accept everything that appears on the sites about Slavic faith or pages for valid data. There are many stuffs and tings, that has been taken from Celts, Scandinavians and Vikings. For example – Rune ! As there are no written records, no one can, with 100% certainty claim, that a certain symbol is Slavic! A good filter is required. Some things are assumed, some are still present, but some are difficult to identify. We can discuss about this or that, but the fact is that not all Slavs had the same patron God, or that they practiced rituals and ceremonies in the same way. It all depended on the geographical habitat and the environment in which our ancient Slavs tribes were located.
    Therefore, I don’t think that we should reject our ancestral faith, due to genetically mutated retards.


    1. See, I disagree with using that type of language. It is demeaning and crude to insult people by calling them “retards” or demeaning them for having “psychosomatic problems”.

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  8. Thank you for this, thank you. I am new to learning more about the Native Slavic Faith but have been pouring myself out into so many resources, and have been disgusted by the appropriation of this faith by white supremacists. I had all but lost hope and wondered how could I learn or become more immersed when I found this post and realized not all hope is lost. Thank you for being brave to confront a rising fascism tainting this. I am so happy to have found this page to learn and read from someone who is a good person!


  9. Waah, I’m a victim, waaah.

    FYI – races are genetically different. Anyone with a bit of knowledge about it can tell you as much – unless, they are obsessed with -isms, like you seem to be.

    Secondly, people have a right to their own homeland & their own culture. Those who tend to take offense of it, support plenty of things that literally harm those people, their culture, religion, identity, and country. That stands regardless of race, btw. Japan for Japanese, Europe for Europeans, Africa for Africans, etc.

    -isms are a tool and part of a (far-left, cultural marxist) narrative. If you can’t see through it, you’ve already lost, and I’m sorry to tell you, but I’m sure your ancestors are ashamed of you. They didn’t struggle through their life so someone like you some day will come by and spit on everything they stood for. You want THEIR community to adapt to what YOU want because you don’t like parts of it. Quite absurd, if you ask me.

    Although, to be fair, you seem to be far-left. And… I’m literally, legitimately sorry that you have to live your existence with that sort of worldview, and that sort of mindset. Not solely because it harms you, but because it harms your own people.

    Do some research. Start with Frankfurt School. Here’s a hint: “William S Lind on the Origins of Political Correctness.” You can be so much better.


    1. Way to rant about irrelevant points on a Slavic polytheist faith forum… seriously, did you even read the blog post? Your ranting has absolutely nothing to do with how some rodnovery followers have polluted the ancient faith with racist ideals. There is no factual connection of rodnovery to racism, but some neo-rodnovirs have corrupted it with their racist antics (eg. Claiming that Perun said to not marry black people – there is no truth to that at all, that’s modern racism, not authentic to Slavic rodnovery and old religions).


  10. I’m also gonna add – since I’m such a nice person – something that’s fairly important.

    If, you haven’t at any point called out: Anti-white racism, black supremacy, non-white supremacy in general, then… you don’t really care about racism. You’re either using it as a tool, or virtue signaling. I’d go with the latter here.

    As examples of what you could have called out:

    Grooming gangs in UK. Most of them muslim (despite being a small % of population). A lot of kids were gang raped, some for years, and it’s been ongoing for decades. In part because police worried about “racism.” Some of the girls – as you can find if you search – were called “White whores” and were gang-raped for being non-muslim, etc. Some fathers tried to defend their daughters, and were arrested. Not the rapists, though. One girl – in Yeovil – was accused of “Racial abuse” (Hate crime!) by her rapist, and despite the fact that he was raping her, and despite the fact that police knew dad, or the fact that she was underage, she was prosecuted for “racial abuse” of her rapist. A woman that tried to reveal details about it was sent to “diversity training” for being mean to non-whites & revealing truth. Sharia patrol, etc.
    Sweden. 40-50% of assault & sexual assault in last 5 years has been carried out by non-whites/muslims. Not to mention anti-semitism – 50%+ again – and so forth.
    Germany, #120db, mass sexual assaults.
    US, 50%+ of violent crime is carried out by blacks, despite the fact that blacks are 13% of population. 50%+ of murders (for 30+ years straight – Bureau of Justice). Blacks kill whites at much higher rates than the other way around.
    That’s not counting hispanics, majority of them considered “white,” which commit crime at higher rate than Europeans.

    So, the question is, have you called any of it whatsoever? No? Hmm.

    Now, Swedes will become a minority in their own country within decades. In US – and that will have an effect on crime rates – whites will become a minority in 15-20 years. Ethnic voting – oh, you think those people care about democracy and ideas? lmao – is a thing from Europe, to US, to Canada. That means, far-left – anti-white, supremacist movement, as can be noted by “progressive stack,” “diversity policies” – aka discrimination against whites – “White privilege” (and incredibly anti-white concept), or wanting to indoctrinate whites and have them be “allies” (subservient to non-whites), is going to grow. More conflict will happen, too.

    What’s bad about “far-left” – as can be noted by “first feminist government” in Sweden that mass-imported non-whites from muslim countries, is that it can’t fight Islam, or even stand up for their own people. In Sweden, Islam is going to rule within decades. It’s not controversial to say it – it’s just a fact. Swedes have much lower birth rates, are working themselves to death, and in part – through welfare – supporting those non-whites who are reproducing at higher rates, while more of them are being imported.

    It’s same with Ireland, etc.

    African population, by the way, is about to double. Now, keep in mind that Africa in part is being kept alive by Europeans/its aid/etc. What happens if Europe collapses? Where do you think those Africans will go, btw? Since they are already going to Europe? And it’s being normalized? Do you think people with <70 IQ can meaningfully contribute to western society? Most of those coming – and who will continue to come – into Europe, are muslim men. Combined with low iq, what do you think their strategy will be to get what they want? Violence.

    Gaddafi – you know, that mean Libyan “dictator” who was killed – has talked about it in 2010. To quote: “Tomorrow Europe might no longer be European and even black as there are millions who want to come in. We don’t know if Europe will remain an advanced and united continent or if it will be destroyed, as happened with the barbarian invasions.”

    The bigger point in all this is that there are much bigger issues than someone being mean to you online. That’s “first world problem” if there ever was one. Not to mention, what Europeans need is in-group preference. The kind far-left has, but better. The one that cares about their own people, and takes their own side. Now, sometimes that may result in racism, too. Which is irrelevant, because Europe should be for Europeans, Africa for Africans, etc.

    And -isms – which you clearly don’t believe in to begin with – are used as a tool to further that. To harm your own people. And what are you doing?



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