So Thursday was officially 19 years since we brought home our Rose to come live with us.

I still remember us driving for a few hours, going to Moses Lake, and meeting the lady at McDonald’s. There was my little baby and one of her brothers left. Because they were the only two from the litter of kittens that weren’t smush-faced, they had not been bought as quickly as the other kittens. (My Rosey is a Himalayan-Manx. And Himalayans are Persian-Siamese crosses — hence her really dark Siamese-like markings, with the long hair. But my kitty has no smush-face like a Persian, she’s got more Siamese-like facial features.) So when we met with the lady, there was this little princess and her brother.

He was a whiny cat–and really, by that I just mean that he cried a lot, very vocal. But he also wouldn’t play or really interact a whole lot. He was cuddly, but he wouldn’t play or explore, and he was crying a lot. And then there was our little fluff–she didn’t mew at all, was very cuddly and also very playful and adventurous. She was climbing up our legs, backs, and onto our shoulders to play and explore.

So of course, with two little kids around, she was far more interesting than her brother. Which means we came home with her.

Best decision ever. Our little fluff has been a great kitty cat for the last 19 years (+2 days) that we’ve had her. Though today I learned that she likes goldfish crackers, as she stole some of mine to eat out of my snack bowl. So she’s still a little playful brat kitty, just like she was all those years ago. These are the types of anniversaries I like, because they make me happy and remind me of good times–and they’re such cute, sweet memories to have with her.



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I'm a bibliophile who loves collecting books. Definite cat person. Amateur historian and major geek, who loves all things Tolkien and Star Trek. I'm also fluent in German.

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