Writing Style

So I realize that I write most of my pieces kind of like I am writing…well, I was going to say my personal journal. But that’s not true. This is actually how I wrote long-hand academic notes in college (including sarcastic/off-topic comments to the side or in parenthesis). I just want to thank anyone who actually puts up with that and still reads my stuff. Even if I do write less like a real academic or professional, and more like a snarky college kid with too much caffeine in their system.


2 thoughts on “Writing Style

  1. Hmmm … caffeine … 😉 I think your writing style is fine – not everyone will relate to it; but then those people have a generous assortment of other blogs to go read. Personally, when I read a religious blog, it irritates me if the writing style is too academic or professional – I read blogs because I’m also interested in the personality behind the writing.


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