On Being Sick

So I’m fully stressed and fully ill. It’s been a rough month for me–wherein I’ve been exceptionally ill for quite some time. Culminating in today, where I’ve been physically ill and throwing up. Which is never fun (not that I think anyone ever thinks that’s fun). Suffice that this month has not been amusing nor pleasant for me.

I don’t do well sick, I’m admittedly a bit of a baby about it. I do well and buck up when needed, but some times its just too much and I have to disconnect. So then days like today, where I was just flat plain too sick to go to work without danger of throwing up at my computer…so I called in. I’m sure I’ll get in trouble for it later, but whatever. Health is more important, after all. And I need to take care of myself.

But it also doesn’t help that my migraines have been getting worse. So I finally got my appointment to the neurologist, and she wants me to remove a lot of the caffeine from my diet. I guess my daily 2-3 (minimum) cups of black tea, steeped to full caffeine load are probably not helping me with my migraines, or so it seems. Something about how a small kick of caffeine might kick the migraine away…but only if I wasn’t already saturating and over-whelming my whole system with a ton of caffeine on a daily basis.

So I’m slowly cutting back on my favored, super-darkly brewed black teas. I told the neurologist I won’t completely give up tea. I grew up on drinking tea, and I’m sure not going to give up completely on it. It’s a bit overly stubborn, but I like tea, so there’s that. She agreed that I can still drink tea, but I should switch mostly to herbal tea, or occasional green tea. And of course I can still have an occasional cup of black tea–but I just shouldn’t be drinking it all the time. Which is great, except I’ve never liked herbal teas…well, outside one that I bought in Germany and brought back with me to the States. I’ve just always found them too fruity and they have some kind of cloying taste that doesn’t agree with me. So I was not too terribly happy about that.

Green tea was no problem–I love jasmine tea. It’s a good one, lighter and a bit sweeter than my usual black tea choice. So that’s easy enough. I have some jasmine tea, I can switch to an occasional cup of that. But the herbal tea…so that was great news. I went to a fair this last weekend and got some herbal tea to try. It’s actually not bad. Sweeter and more flowery than I’d usually go for, but it’s good.

This means I’m attempting to be a good patient and do the right thing. I’m also undergoing other treatments for my migraines, and working on my other mental health, to ensure that my health improves. But the migraines are going to be the death of me. They’re the worst. So I’ll try literally anything to lessen them. And if that means changing my usual tea routine up, I’m up for a change. But it is strange to get used to drinking lighter tea than what I usually go for.

Tea - Cup
Image courtesy of: Improve Your Health

Herbal tea image: Taste for Life



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