Star Trek Beyond

So no spoilers….but – this movie was amazing! I am in love with it. This was a great improvement over Star Trek Into Darkness. Major.

Basically I am just write-screaming my utter joy with this movie and how very much I adore it. So excuse repetitions on my part, as I just really don’t want to write any spoilers for those who haven’t seen it yet.

I loved it. I mean…it was Trek–real Star Trek. Not Star Wars cloaked in Star Trek names and ships. No, it was real Star Trek, with the humanity, tone (updated, for sure–the movie scene has changed in 30+ years), and story that really was Star Trek. There was real humanity, real heart and a real plot line that was all Trek. I was deeply impressed by how respectful and honorable it was to the memory of what Trek was. I mean there is definitely an update–movies have changed in the 50 years since Star Trek first came on TV. Star Trek is about the plot, the slow burn, the moral dilemmas; which this one does begin to touch back on. It is a modern movie; a modern take that allows Star Trek to come to another audience, younger people who never knew the joy of The Original Series when it was on the air or in original syndication.

This was a great turn back from the utter disaster that was installment #2 in the reboot verse. That one was a joke. But this one…this one is utterly amazing. It’s respectful, it’s Trek. And it brings the dynamics that were so desperately missing from the last two movies to the forefront. There is legitimate Bones-Spock interactions! (This was so badly missing from #2 that it was awful) The sass is there, the clear personalities. It really is Trek, even if it is updated.

So needless to say, I am still rolling in all the Trek-feels; because this was just so great an adaption and entry into the Trek-verse that it was glorious. And it really is fitting as a movie to come out 50 years after the original airing began. This is a wonderful addition to the Franchise.

Needless to say — if you haven’t, go see this. It’s worth it. I’d dare say that for any Trek fan you’d certainly love it. This is a great addition, a great Trek outing.

Beyond Cast
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2 thoughts on “Star Trek Beyond

  1. OK. Here is where I admit the fact that I am an ORIGINAL FAN since 1966 (I was 16)! squeels and happy dances now — I know where I am going this week!


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