Rose – 19

My baby kitty cat is 19 today. And in 2 months to the day it will have been 19 years since we brought her home from Moses Lake. Time does really fly along when it comes to our pets.

This makes me very happy–she’s my little lovebug and has been with me through everything. Through moves, friendships, boyfriends, college, stress and mental breakdowns…through finding myself in life, religion and school. I really adore her, and it’s been a good time with her–ever since I was 6 years old. Which is stunning to consider, because it’s been so much time with her around.

Rose 9619th Birthday

I’ve been really blessed to have such a sweet kitty. She loves to cuddle up with me and sleep on my pillow at night. And she loves treats and cheese–which is our favorite treat to give her. She’s also a bit of a brat, and keeps trying to steal food off our plates; but we give a bit of leeway considering she’s an old kitten now.

I’m so grateful that we got her all those years ago, all because me and my sister were begging for a kitten. We got a pretty good friend out of it, and she’s been there for me the whole time. So I’m happy that I can celebrate her birthday with a treat of her favorite wet salmon cat food, and that she’s curled up in my lap, purring away as I type this.

It really is small pleasures in life like this that I’m the most grateful for.



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