Citronella and Banishing

We just bought citronella candles to use on our balcony. So that way my mom or other guests don’t get eaten by mosquitoes. I’m lucky enough that 99% of the time mosquitoes want nothing to do with me, so it’s not really a purchase for my benefit. I’m almost never going to need them, because I think I’ve only been bit like 5 times max in the last two years. But hey, comfort for friends and family are always a good thing.

But citronella. Ugh. I hate the smell of it. It’s rancid and if it weren’t for the fact that it’s meant to clear an area so that we humans can enjoy it…I’d swear it’s a repellent for humans, too. Which is what gave me an interesting idea.

What if citronella was used as a banishment “scent” to clean a space of unwanted energies/things/etc, before applying a more pleasing scent as a way to open the space up, or to bring in wanted energies/things?

Kind of a strange idea, I guess…but it just struck me. It would be an interesting idea. I mean, for me citronella is absolutely pungent; but far more bearable than sage, which I refuse to use. So it would be an interesting idea to use this to get rid of unwanted things to clear a space and to keep those things out and away. Then one could use more pleasant scents as a guide to bringing in wanted energies.

But then I think, do I really want to deal with that scent? I hate it. If I hate it then, other things might too. So it’s a dilemma. I’m going to think on it. But I figure, citronella in summer time might not be a bad idea, since it’s a scent and material that is easy to procure and to use. Especially considering how the family already uses it for evening visiting outside already. And if it’s already being used, it’s convenient. I do like convenient.


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