St. Gertrude of Nivelles

St. Gertrude
Basilica of our Lady – Tongeren

Okay…so I’m a day late. But I had a long day of work yesterday and I forgot to queue up this post on Tuesday night. But this is one of my favorite, more modern religious points. And it’s one that warms my heart, one of those things that makes me just kind of giggle in delight.

St. Gertrude of Nivelles is traditionally patron saint of travelers, the mentally ill, among other things like gardeners. But more modern she is connected to cats. I am very well aware that the cat association is really modern. But still–if there’s a saint of the internet, why not a modern connection as patron saint of cats?

She was from what is now Belgium…which is also fun. I’m always interested in European saints. And I know one of her contemporaries – Arnulf of Metz from my history classes in Europe. So I actually am vaguely familiar with the actual time period that she was alive.

It’s kind of amusing to me reading excerpts from the hagiography of St. Gertrude. I mean…they paint her as famously defiant and short-tempered. She is recorded as being rather sharp and short in refusing a marriage proposal. Really though, most likely she would never have said anything at a banquet with the local king (as the story goes)–she might have said something in private to her parents, but most likely not even that. But it does make for a good story; even if it is patently out of character for the time.

But back to being the patron saint of cats.

I adore cats (this should be obvious by now). So anything of interest to cats is good by me. And given all the health issues my little kitty has had, I’m more than particularly interested in anything associated with cats. And since I’m considering saints, or at least more research into working with them–a saint of cats is a good thing. My kitty can use, if I choose to dive into this, all the help she can get.

Plus, fluffy little children need protection too. And I adore cats, so anything connected to cats is a big plus for me. Cats are adorable little minions, and having a patron saint is something I think nice.

I’m admittedly glad that the internet came up with spreading this one around.

Catster site, where I found the info – here.




One thought on “St. Gertrude of Nivelles

  1. My little one,Artemidora, has three Goddesses who look over her well being: Artemis, Potnia Theron (Artemis, Our Lady of the Animals); Bast; and Sekhmet. Artemis actually gave me her name in a kledon (aural omen) and it means Gift of Artemis. Kitties are the most wonderful animals and my little one has quite the vocabulary as well as our morning ritual. Hope your kitty is doing better.


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