On Working with Saints…

Which is something I used to swear I’d never do…but really, sometimes things change. I really am going to have to remember not to promise myself to never do something. It bites me in the foot when I claim stuff like that. It’s a lesson I should have learned a long time ago. But then again, I am also stubborn, so I guess I had to learn a bit of the hard way.

My family, at least a part of it, was Catholic for generations. Up until my mom. So I wasn’t raised Catholic. I’m familiar with lots of tenets, and I’m politely engaged with some parts of Christianity to know what I am doing. Not that I’d ever claim to be Catholic or to be a Christian. But, I do like researching saints and religious theology; but saints are admittedly more interesting to research for their hagiographies. And sometimes I do understand why people work with saints. And my family, those who are still Catholic, talk a lot about saints and praying to them. It’s like they’re working with local, nature or craft spirits.

I’m not thinking I’ll ever work with most or even any of them. But it’s a fascinating concept to think on. And for me a bit complicated also. I don’t have any relationship with the Christian God. I have no intention of having a relationship with him. Been there, spoken with him…know very well that we’re not meant to work together. We’re oil and water, him and me. However, there are times where I feel like working with a saint would be beneficial; and that I sometimes feel like I should.

For me, I admit that I’ve got a huge historical, familial bias towards my interests. Not that it wholly influences my interest and how I draw upon my spirituality, but it is a large part. Outside of that, I’m exceptionally interested in Saint Vaclav (Wenceslaus) and Ludmila of Bohemia. Admittedly I came across them in my study of Bohemian history, years ago when I learned my family was Czech. However, Vaclav is the most interesting saint I’ve ever read about…not just my historical bias, but just the historical time period he lived in, and the situation that leads to his martyrdom and becoming a saint. He’s a really fascinating character, and his life is very interesting…even if a lot is myth and legend.

So sometimes I consider working with the few saints I am interested in, and that I feel a connection to. Not that I’d work with Ludmila much, she’s a saint of widows. But some others I do feel a tangential connection to that could be worth exploring. It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while…I’m not decided yet, but I’m thinking about doing this.

There’s little point, as far as I’m concerned, in denying the fact that for many centuries my ancestors were religious…roughly 50/50 Catholic and Protestant as far as I know in terms of the percentages. From what I know from my family who came from Czechoslovakia before the war, my family from there was mostly Protestant of local Czech/Bohemian denominations. My Polish and German family were exceptionally Catholic, dyed in the wool, devout. The fact that many of my family were Christian means that I do feel that at least acknowledging that will help me in learning to work more with my ancestors as well.

This all just means I’m considering if maybe I should put up a part in my practice to devote to the tiny number of saints I would work with. I’ll see with a bit more research and some attempts at divination, on whether I should attempt this. If it goes well, I’ll add it.


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