Typewriter Endeavors

I bought myself a typewriter. It just got delivered today. So I’m familiarizing myself with how to use this particular model (I’ve never used a manual typewriter before–only an electric model that was actual made in the 90s). I’m very excited for multiple reasons. This is a 1950s model from western Germany, which fuels my love of vintage and all things German. Also, it’s a German typewriter, meaning that the typewriter is set up with a German-key layout.

So it’s an Olympia SM2 from the 1950s. I bought it from a wonderful seller on Etsy: Handmaids From St. Pauli.

So I’m getting used to using this, and I’m enjoying playing around with it. It’s actually a lot easier to type on it than I was expecting. A lot of reviews of old manual typewriters I had read made a lot of comments about how difficult the keys are to push, compared to a modern computer keyboard. So I was a bit surprised by that. But so far so good, and actually I’m glad that the keys move as easily as they do. It means it’ll be easier to get used to using it than I was originally planning on.

I am going to replace, in a while, the red-black ribbon with a black ribbon. Because I don’t need the red print at all. But for now, to get used to using the typewriter, I’m fine having the red ink.

The typewriter also came with the original certificate and the original manual (both in German). So I can use those to keep track on it. I’m happy that I have the original manual also, because it means I know how to swap out the ribbon and can do the small, basic things for maintenance. Because it’s almost impossible to find a copy of an SM2 manual online. SM3 and SM4 manuals are easy to find online, but SM2 I haven’t found at all. So this is good. I just have to learn the vocabulary auf Deutsch for typewriters. That’ll be fun too.

I’m also thinking I can use this typewriter for some pretty fun magical and spiritual purposes all on my own. So I’m planning out ways to do that.



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