Me and my kitty are both doing better.

Of course, it’s going to take about a month now before I’m fully stable again. But it’s better than I was feeling even 2 weeks ago. That’s great news for me. Because I’m handling stress better than before, and I’m able to be more positive and optimistic about the hits coming.

And my Rose is doing better. We still have to do medical attention every day, but the vet warned us that would probably last a while — depending on how long it takes for her little body to heal itself. But a week has passed (just over), and she’s doing much better. She really hates us trying to take care of the hole on her side, but she’s getting used to it. And I think us giving her some treats for her cooperation is helping also. She’s happy and fine, and the wound is healing up pretty well. So we go back this upcoming Thursday or Friday afternoon for a check up with the vet. She gets checked up on again, and we see how the vet says she’s doing. Also gives us more of a timeline on how long we’re going to have to keep tending the hole on her side.

Generally, this week was pretty good, obviously. And if my little cat is doing better, then I’m also doing better. So I think I’ll be able to pick up some time either tomorrow or beginning of the week to start writing again. (I admittedly feel more like writing again now, too)