Divination: Tasseography

This is a neat method I should try.

Merry Meet Temple

Tasseography has the more common name of tea leaf reading.  There are many books out there that explain the process and the symbols.  I’m not so sure they are necessary, though.

The process is easy.  Take loose leaf tea and put in the bottom of a tea cup, not a mug.  It must be a tea cup, like the one in this photo.


Heat water to a boil and pour over the tea leaves.  Allow it to steep for five minutes.  The querent, person with the question for whom the reading is being done, should drink the tea while thinking about or talking about the matter in question.  Once down to the dregs, the person should turn the cup upside down onto the saucer.  Then turn three times.  Deosil to bring or to draw to.  Widdershins to cast off or away.  Deosil if in doubt.  Let sit for at least…

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